/u/couldbeurdaddy is very positive!

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0.9266 Good Morning Sweetheart, to you and to that stunning body that is so stimulating.
0.9231 Good morning to you too and I just love waking up to a sweet and adorable body.
0.8977 Wow, you are stunning and I really love your breasts and those nipples are so tempting.
0.8955 A very nice hour glass shape and fantastic looking breasts, which makes for one great picture.
0.8805 That does look like a very awesome outfit to have fun in.
0.8746 I really love those breasts and would love to get my mouth on them, just for starters.
0.872 Love those small breasts, Thanks 4 Sharing
0.8655 You have a very fantastic looking body and I think you are celebrating Friday quit well.
0.8548 Being totally honest, you are looking really fine and incredibly sexy.
0.8537 Extremely lovely and delicious looking body!
0.8514 Happy 420 to you too, and I would really like to unload on you anywhere you would like.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6077 5'2" and very new; my dick is hard, my balls are blue, it is all from looking at you.
-0.5984 How in the heck am I to distract you when you have me totally distracted?
-0.5848 You are also in the fuck me position!
-0.5542 Some will experience a very sensitive dick especially the head, while others may not have that extreme sensitivity.
-0.5423 Oh so have you been a bad girl?
-0.4574 HOT Damn, I do!
-0.4173 I cumming in right behind you to make more of a mess.
-0.4019 The problem with your pic, it is leaving me wanting much more.
-0.2975 Damn I hate it when I have to decide on one of two completely beautiful aspects ...
-0.2023 Yes I would and should fuck other things while I am there.
-0.1779 Now that is a fairly nice looking ass you have going there.
-0.128 it is this hard oo====