/u/couldbeurdaddy is very positive!

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0.9468 Wishing you a very Happy Cakeday and many thanks for sharing your stunning body for all to enjoy.
0.9382 Gorgeous body, beautiful breasts with enticing nipples, and one awesome smile.
0.9274 Thanks 4 sharing your gorgeous and beautiful body.
0.9183 Wow, that is a very fantastic looking body and those boobs are completely gorgeous and tempting.
0.9169 Thanks 4 Sharing your beautiful body and kisses
0.9168 Good Night to you and that absolutely gorgeous body of yours, thanks 4 sharing.
0.91 Thanks 4 Sharing your beautiful body and hope you get your verification.
0.9081 I must admit you have a fantastic looking pussy & I would love to taste of its deliciousness.
0.9053 I think that is one very delicious and desirable "fat one." Thanks 4 Sharing
0.899 Like the new gold phone, but loving your hot body that you are rocking better.
0.886 Kink is what makes the world turn around that gorgeous body of your and that beautiful smile that you have.

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-0.7783 You have one hell of a hot body and I don't think too many would refuse that offer.
-0.7506 No just your everyday middle-aged pervert, which lurks around reddit.
-0.5267 If there was any possible I would be lying right next to you.
-0.4404 I would let you be my dirty little secret any time.
-0.3612 Alright, You have a fat ass.
-0.3167 Okay, I do believe that I could get really dirty with you.
-0.296 Just wondering, if you open the coat would your entire pubic area be missing?
-0.2755 I never had a workday like that, so it isn't at all average.
-0.25 I will offer my hard and veiny cock for you to use any day.
-0.2023 How about I cum and fill that empty hole?
-0.0772 Are you serious?
-0.0516 Hot Damn, I am one of those guys and I have to thank you very much for the insight that you have provided.