/u/couldbeurdaddy is very positive!

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0.9643 Love it, Love it, beautiful and delicious pussy and not to mention some gorgeous tits.
0.9509 Sweetheart that is a very delicious looking pussy with fabulous lips, which I would love to explore with my tongue and lips.
0.9372 Excellent looking body and I love it when girls are being so very naughty, thanks 4 sharing.
0.9371 Ahh, the carefree attitude of one very beautiful person and thanks 4 sharing your nice body.
0.9322 Oh yes my favorite position and my favorite task while I am fucking, thanks 4 sharing.
0.9278 Okay, you found one of my soft spots, love girls in button down shirts I find it so sexy and stimulating.
0.9269 Well, If I were there I would love to play, play some more, and keep playing until we couldn't play anymore.
0.9249 Awesome Body that is hot af and I really love those tits thanks 4 sharing!
0.9209 Not into tonguing the asshole, but I would love to insert my tongue into that beautiful pussy.
0.9162 Very nice body thanks 4 sharing your beauty.
0.9077 I sure hope that didn't hurt too much, next time I will do better either way you like it.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7003 I do believe it is the perversion that you want and are seeking, otherwise you wouldn't be hanging around us perverts.
-0.6915 I always say, more than a mouthful is a waste, and I do believe that there is little wasted here.
-0.6124 Sadly, there is no evidence to confirm your assertion.
-0.4404 Honey, I thought you knew me and my dirty devious mind.
-0.4201 That is an extremely difficult decision, lets just get started and see where things take us.
-0.4019 Suggest that you lose it.
-0.3612 Hope it doesn't hamper or impede you from being fucked from behind.
-0.3535 So there is no asking twice, at your beck and call.
-0.3412 Leather and not lace, even better.
-0.34 Especially if you remain next to the fire.
-0.126 Yes, Yes it is going to be on hell of a fanfuckintastic day!
-0.1027 Looks like that is how you get molested in your sleep too.