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0.9592 I also like the perfectly smooth vector style but myself enjoy making the wobbly ones, it's all about preference I guess! Haha wow the trackpad?
0.9472 I'm still pretty new at it all but if you ever need tips or help with anything just hit me up and I'll gladly help you as good as I can!
0.9201 :) I was at the previous DHW for the Super Smash Bros Melee tournament, it was pretty overwhelming haha.
0.8996 So fun to hear that you liked my stuff - I'll be sure to keep an eye out for your stuff too, looks really promising!
0.87 Glad you liked it :D
0.8655 I'd love to see some perfectly smooth trackpad action!
0.8622 Haha wow thank you!
0.8584 Almost missed this, super good feedback, thanks a lot!
0.8553 Thanks and happy you like it!
0.8467 :) I'm also pretty new to it all but if you ever need tips, help or feedback don't hesitate to hit me up!
0.8261 :) I very much respect the whole vinyl thing, it's cool to actually take graphics and make them physical.

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-0.8122 I've actually got her on my to-do list, no idea what order I'm doing in them and when I'll get the time but she's on there, no worries!
-0.5216 I slept in the sleeping halls during DHW and it wasn't the greatest experience.
-0.4482 I could of course make full body versions of them but I prefer the cut versions, at least for the wallpaper look which I'm going for!
-0.3164 Haha no worries, I got that!
-0.296 I feel as I had to compensate for my Tracer showing no butt.
-0.2714 Sorry for the delay but I just got around to make your extended wings version, it's up on the Dropbox!
-0.2481 I guess I'm obsessed!
-0.1668 I do of course appreciate constructive criticism but I don't get the feeling that it's very constructive in this case.
-0.1457 I'm still new and learning my way so constructive criticism comes a long way, might check it out, thanks!
-0.0853 Haha no I totally feel you, I do like the simplistic look so I can get away with not having eyes but I've tried it and it's really tough!
-0.0747 Haha I did actually play around with eyebrows and other details on the face but didn't really like how it looked.
0.0 Just uploaded a mobile version on my [website!] All of my various vectors are available there, hit me up if you need any other resolution.