/u/colliger is kind of a dick.

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0.8126 Pretty interesting, I like it.
0.6927 Just like how discriminating against people from specific ethnic backgrounds isn't racist.
0.6896 If not for hiding the fact, I'd say Subway was doing an amazing thing.
0.6584 They don't synergize terribly well with combo decks either, so the benefit of card cycling is somewhat lessened.
0.6486 See if she might have an interest in clubs/sororities at her future school and make sure she knows where to be to get involved in them.
0.6409 I remember watching this in high school and when this part happened my friends and I had to leave the room because we were laughing so hard
0.6369 While there are a fuckton of scumbags in fraternities: I'm in a fraternity, I love my fraternity.
0.6249 Funnily enough, I identify my gender as vitamin B12.
0.5975 Right, as long as I'm not doing immoral things, all of the immoral things done in the world don't matter.
0.5859 Why would anyone ever make those huge leaf salads when you can grind them up like this?
0.5256 The simplest and most effective methods are joining clubs or fraternities.

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-0.9371 Okay yeah you lost me when you called the rape victim as bad as the rapist.
-0.9136 Another false analogy. You're jaded, racist, and simply poor at arguing.
-0.8831 I'm always so disappointed when its destroyed in the attack.
-0.875 How many women have been raped, murdered, and treated as subhuman because for the dozen millennia, women were regarded as property?
-0.8555 I'd also call it racist, islamophobic, and evil.
-0.849 Hunter may not be the most competitive, but damn if it isn't fun, well designed, and thematic.
-0.8316 Obviously it all boils down to the same shit, stupid petty youtube drama.
-0.8126 Killing for sport is immoral, plain and simple.
-0.8074 Fuck off with your anecdotal bullshit.
-0.802 And you wonder why the alt-right movement is compared to Nazism. You suffer from the same delusion that many white supremacists tend to have -- the inability to separate facts from context.
-0.7848 I don't agree l with what the commenter said, but that argument is irrational.
-0.7845 Sick of people still talking shit about that incident.