/u/coffeetablesex is kind of a dick.

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0.8258 that movie was so fucking awesome when i was 14 :)
0.8047 i think someone pays her but i'm pretty sure it's not me...
0.6705 if you want to see the best part i posted a link to a gif
0.6697 If you would like to resubmit the post with a more appropriate title I would greatly appreciate it.
0.6597 please respect that.
0.5722 please, do not insult me by playing ignorant.
0.5719 I'm just trying to make everyone happy here.
0.5574 well, they say comedy comes in threes
0.5106 it's like playing a driving game with a keyboard
0.4939 spouse, friend, family, lawyer.
0.4939 just send an invoice, im sure reddit will cover it ;)

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-0.8934 the worst part is you are too dumb to know you're dumb.
-0.8898 weird that its on a "news" site but there is no source, no no followup, and no story of any kind...
-0.8225 sad to see such a cool RV die :(
-0.8176 steal the 'yo ma' and move the i from tail to in from of suck then steal the 'B' just for extra giggles
-0.8126 youre right but the video was just one of many fake freakouts that kid put on youtube
-0.7845 you just helped me understand why i see people doing insanely dumb shit.
-0.765 damn, that cop dropped his ass hard.
-0.7105 it it's not like we sit back and watch bullshit all day.
-0.7003 If you continue to threaten and/or harass users you will be reported to the admins.
-0.6929 poor little dog :(
-0.6908 the cops let him commit multiple felonies just to fill their quota. how stupid are you?
-0.6486 listen, just cool it on the anti-muslim shit or you get banned.