/u/coffeetablesex is kind of a dick.

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0.8934 i feel that this is how we accept people and their differences. we make fun of them just like we make fun of everyone else.
0.8338 At first I figured he was going to "attack" him with a chainsaw minus the chain but this was way better IMO :)
0.8026 this ended so much better than i thought it would :D
0.765 i'm sure you can lead us through the situation from the comfort and safety of your computer chair.
0.765 that makes for a great [freeze frame.] its like the end of some 90s psa about kids with different disabilities.
0.765 thats cute. though, you did make me laugh.
0.7003 seems like a fun night for once a month.
0.6808 please, enlighten us to the correct procedures.
0.6705 just another reason ill never live in that shithole state its pretty but you can find pretty literally any place on earth
0.6369 seeing him bring his daughter in to say the line ["daddy called you a pussy"] was one of the greatest behind the scenes moments ever
0.6369 i love how you manage to discredit yourself simply by using the word cuck.

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-0.8402 they should have stoned the fuckhead to death.
-0.8126 "Instead of recording you could have helped..." Bitch, I didn't see you do shit.
-0.7964 I imagine it could be any one of these things or some other made up reason they threw in to get his ass deeper into shit.
-0.7964 if you do that shit fuck you too.
-0.7964 the fuck is with all the extra shitty sound effects?
-0.7906 as a smoker, fuck people who smoke where they shouldnt and fuck people who throw their lit butts on the ground.
-0.7845 if you have an argument to pose take it in front of a judge where they might actually listen to you. refusing to tell him his name then telling the cop to "look it up" is just asking for trouble.
-0.7783 how stupid would you have to be to refuse to show id when you have no id.
-0.7783 getting mad about fireworks on the 4th of july should be illegal
-0.7774 if you want to say you did thats fine but it doesnt make you special it just makes you a liar.
-0.743 must have had his dick real hard to fight both his reflections.
-0.7089 i must be the dumbest one here. i saw door and was very confused.