/u/coffeetablesex is kind of a dick.

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0.8115 i did the exact same thing only i used a motherboard box so the top lifts off easily. i just used to beat super mario world yesturday.
0.7717 ah, so you modified the game to give yourself an advantage over other players. its not a bad game youre just a bad person.
0.7351 try spraying some wd-40 in there and let it soak before trying again. or try hitting the safe from the top like the video says
0.7096 Good luck with that.
0.6833 Yourself is all fucktards on this blessed day.
0.6486 even the mods agree with me, lol
0.6486 that looks like safety glass or something.
0.6369 best use i've ever seen and it's still complete trash
0.6369 i should just go to bed now because that's the best thing i'm going to see all day
0.5994 gameplay sounds super balanced.
0.5994 its like giving people the option to see through walls.

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-0.9417 these "riddles" are so dumb it makes me want to stab someone... shit, did i fail the test?
-0.8934 sure, its easy now but whats the point of the fucking game when its just this embarssing ball of ugly graphics and shit gameplay that only morons sit down and enjoy...
-0.8885 opens with a right jab before biker douche can say "what the fuck" then he comes out with a flying kick. whoever this guy is he does not have time for this bullshit.
-0.8807 the problem is that now you have to run the game with no shadows or suffer a massive disadvantage.
-0.8442 shes just pissed because only one of her eyes can look into the camera yet blonde in the back can lock on no problem
-0.8225 what you said hurts my head and, your poor use of commas, pisses me off
-0.7906 it just so happens that in their case their "status" is "impoverished moron who spends all his money on overpriced bullshit"
-0.7426 youre just jealous because you cant use that awesome chair
-0.7163 chips just mad because he cant smile straight
-0.7003 i'd hate to be the guy who was clever enough to answer them all "correctly" but dumb enough to take mental health advice from a youtube video
-0.7003 so they had the pile of shit, they were just missing the bag
-0.6972 how would he be so unaware of what floor he was on? so many of these questions seem stupid as fuck...