/u/coffeetablesex is kind of a dick.

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0.872 i was mostly making a big lebowski reference but really he's just taking the fun out of a silly video while everyone else just seems to enjoy it
0.7003 you sound like a fun person
0.6908 as a consumer i certainly trust them and their judgement.
0.6369 burned, misshaped pizza is the best you can do?
0.5719 at least he seemed happy about the whole thing
0.5574 expected to laugh.
0.5423 sounds like you think jokes are real life
0.4754 i'm really hoping he was about to say "take a look" or "take a smell" or anything else besides what i thought i heard...
0.4753 it's his lucky day!
0.3612 apparently the internet looks like my old bitcoin mining rig...
0.3612 looks like they put too much weight in one place or the load shifted and it just caved.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8555 so, what happened to the dumb cunt who wasted police time and money while putting an innocent man's life at risk? nothing.
-0.7783 just look at the thumbnail for the video and you know its going to be a disappointing pile of shit
-0.7184 some user wanted you banned for having an "offensive username"...lol
-0.7184 what an old bitter cunt.
-0.7003 i blame that stupid looking hat
-0.6597 i would have fucked up their car.
-0.6597 shes saying "pop off"...the vodka reference is a joke and the glass smash sounds fake as fuck
-0.6454 every post in /r/funny is guaranteed not to be funny, so no
-0.6249 the worst part is he says "lol" out loud
-0.586 advertisements are so god damn dumb
-0.5707 ...it's Sabotage!
-0.5574 aww shit, i just got zinged...