/u/clutchxgt is kind of a dick.

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0.9042 Both believe that the government is best run by a strongman who is supported by a 'ruling class' - wealthy capitalists for the right-wing, and a so-called "Socialist intelligentsia" for MLs.
0.8979 The Kings of Egypt and Jordan proudly declared genocide against the Jews, so the Jews responded with their backs against the very Sea they were supposed to be thrown into. Wow, they won.
0.8497 Anyone of actual intellectual importance wouldn't be caught dead debating any of these two.
0.8074 I will say that they do a pretty good job at exposing wingnuts and intellectual crooks, though.
0.7943 The same fucking idiots who worship the "free market" and think privatization is the solution to everything.
0.7717 Not sure about those two, but Harris definitely engages in it.
0.7366 Regardless, I don't take Stiller seriously enough to carefully parse through his sophistry to come to a half-baked idea at best.
0.7088 Thanks anyways for your help!
0.6808 Lucky, lol.
0.6748 I have to admit, the mental gymnastics required to defend this guy must be Olympic-tier, so I commend you for attempting.
0.6705 Either you want freedom of speech or you don't.

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-0.9517 Anyone else find it funny that the same Turks who would go mad if someone was arrested for insulting religion are the same ones who want punishment for insulting a guy who's been dead for decades?
-0.9217 Dickhead I was responding to was trying to tie this criminal back to the recent migrant crisis and Islam.
-0.8957 There *is* something wrong with wanting to punish someone for calling his mother a whore or whatever, though.
-0.836 To illustrate this point further, the entire concept of the nation-state first emerged in Europe, where centuries of savage wars were fought to even implement it.
-0.8271 Let's not descend into barbarism and begin banning ideas because of violent assholes.
-0.8271 Those were straight-up war crimes that showed open contempt for Western morals and ethics.
-0.8221 The Pitta situation should serve as a warning to all players trying to defy the odds by playing with a preexisting medical condition; this kind of shit is dangerous.
-0.8176 Did you just try to justify an illegal assassination campaign?
-0.8126 Critics of the foundation accused it of McCarthyite smear tactics and branded its claims ridiculous.
-0.7824 That's not true, but even if it were, what on earth does that have to do with wtf we're talking about?
-0.7778 Those kinds of things happen for the same reason Pakistanis and Indians are incredibly racist towards black people: ignorance and idiocy.
-0.765 He praised some of his accomplishments - like universal healthcare, high Cuban life expectancy, and a high literacy rate - but he criticized him for his authoritarian bullshit.