/u/clutchxgt is kind of a dick.

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0.8687 An amazing find, thanks for sharing this!
0.8555 Yeah, he was pretty good last year in the preseason as well iirc.
0.8519 If you remember, the Niners gashed us pretty good on the ground in the SB. He is pretty much to the power scheme what Kubiak was to the zone scheme.
0.8126 He is pretty good in other respects, though.
0.7968 Last year, SSSr was coming off an Achilles tear and Pitta hadn't been a top target since literally our Super Bowl win.
0.7465 He was dire the first several weeks or so, but he played a lot better after the bye.
0.7449 What, you can't imagine Nancy Pelosi saying something like: "More democratic ownership structures would help our economy deliver for the many and lead to a fairer distribution of wealth"?!?!?
0.7316 "I wish Hitchens was alive to comment on Trump!" - as if this dude wouldn't probably be giving AMAs on the trump subreddit if he were still alive.
0.7088 Thanks, I appreciate it!
0.6801 Sounds like you're more interested in soundbytes than actually discussing the facts of the matter.
0.6705 Rubin is an intellectual midget, he doesn't even have the adequate knowledge to challenge the nutcases he brings on the show.

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-0.9493 I agree with Black Lives Matter's overall message, but these guys lose credibility when they still claim that Mike Brown was killed because of racism.
-0.9136 I'm a leftist but the evidence in this case points toward the "racist monster" narrative as being total bullshit.
-0.872 Here comes a war crime apologist who'll argue that Israel withdrew out of the goodness of their hearts and not because they were somehow defeated by a paramilitary organization.
-0.8442 They jump on any thread to shit on Muslims or attack anyone who criticizes India.
-0.8074 Fuck off with this anarcho-edgelord bullshit
-0.802 This type of thing is routine across sports: scumbag billionaire owner tries to force the public to pay for new stadium, threatens relocation until city finally caves in.
-0.802 It's unfortunate too, seeing as there are dozens of other cases of legitimate police abuse towards black men.
-0.7783 The National Pact is an attempt at ensuring religious harmony after a brutal civil war - a war which Israel helped inflame and actively took part in, incidentally.
-0.7783 the ottomans however attacked in the name of islam Another intellectually dishonest argument.
-0.7717 Did this guy suffer brain damage or something?
-0.7579 Sad how the forces of colonization colluded with their Zionist proxy state to sabotage his Pan-Arab movement.
-0.7096 Something like that will hurt them in the long run because people don't like being fed false information and will be suspicious of any further police brutality incidents.