/u/clutchxgt is kind of a dick.

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0.891 You're right, I should start begging for acceptance from the colonialists, maybe I'll sound like a "le true intellectual" then.
0.886 Good luck finding someone you agree with 100%, honestly.
0.8834 I rescind my support for this party. Good luck having to vote for Debbie in 2020.
0.8658 What are called "free trade agreements" are pretty much corporate-rights agreements and are anti-labor by definition.
0.8225 A sociopath like a good number of his supporters.
0.7717 Wow, they are literally saying that this is a false flag by the Canadian government, and that Trudeau is trying to frame Trump and his supporters.
0.7269 They would have definitely downvoted this story if it started to gain any traction.
0.7102 Literally the only thing she's done to merit the type of praise she receives is that supported Bernie in the primaries; that's kind of ridiculous imo.
0.7096 If any Republican politician praised The New Deal today, they would be branded a communist and shunned from the party.
0.7048 Don't mistake media resentment for Trump as complete resentment for the Neoliberal order.
0.696 It wasn't an accident; what you experienced is pretty much what the so-called "Men's Rights" movement is all about.

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-0.8519 Getting fucked over by rigged global financial institutions made them despise every world leader.
-0.8316 Killing occupying troops is an act of terror?
-0.8271 She has also become an apologist for the brutal and repressive Assad regime, and she has some suspect ties to Hindu nationalist organizations.
-0.8271 Fuck that scumbag.
-0.8074 He really does say some incredibley pathetic shit sometimes.
-0.7958 You mention that every politician is like this, but isn't this the kind of fake politics we should be fighting?
-0.7717 Must suck to be so attached to dogma that you refuse to listen to people who disagree with you.
-0.7579 If you want to actually combat terrorism there is a simple step you can take: petition your government to stop engaging in it.
-0.7574 I highly doubt Le Pen's base hate Trump.
-0.7243 War hero!!!!
-0.7218 Sorry dude, but if you move from Scandinavia to the U.S then you are a complete fucking idiot.
-0.7184 He has called both Assad and Putin "monstrous" in the past, and was fierce critic of the Soviet Union during the Cold War.