/u/clutchxgt is a total dick!

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0.8246 Using their vast wealth, the Saudis are making sure their ideology doesn't die down anytime soon.
0.8176 It's pretty telling that even you associate far-right politicians like Wilders and Trump with nazis lol.
0.7717 Tony Blair uses an analogy where he calls islamist parties like Ennahdha "marxists" and groups like Al-Qaeda "marxists leninists".
0.7184 Are those the guys who oppress Christians in the West Bank, yet get praised by Christian Evangelicals in the United States?
0.7003 You are right, however, in saying the House of Saud had a huge part to play as well.
0.6652 I concede that Qutb himself held radical viewpoints, but not even the Muslim Brotherhood, of whom he was a leading intellectual of, ever adopted his philosophy wholesale.
0.6249 Great post here.
0.6167 It's not a bad one. I don't disagree.
0.6124 Groups like ISIS and it's ilk are radicals, just like how MLs are extreme "socialists".
0.5859 Why is it lucky to score with a genuinely quality chance at the end of the game, even if it were the only attempt in the half?
0.5859 Even if the story were true, it would be rich coming from Pentagon officials who are fresh off of disastrous military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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-0.8689 Full of self-hating Turks who worship Europe, yet are racist as hell towards Kurds and Arabs, *and* deny the Armenian genocide?
-0.836 Hey idiot, we are talking about terrorism done in the name of religion.
-0.8225 Those incidents are all nationalistic, or strictly political, terrorist attacks.
-0.8176 Hell, Hindu attacks on Muslims/other minorities continue to this day, and have seen a resurgence since the election of Modi.
-0.8126 This, again, points to outside intervention being the driving force for radical Islam. The facts are staring you in the face, but you deny them so you can continue blaming Islam.
-0.7783 Lol, you just claimed an attack by a Basque separatist movement was an Islamic terror attack.
-0.765 Sad as fuck.
-0.7549 If you're so unintelligent that you look at every conflict involving Muslims and automatically think "you see, it's Islam!
-0.7506 [Racismisdiscriminationandprejudicetowards people based on theirraceorethnicity.] Learn the meaning of words you useless sack of shit.
-0.7506 Sampling it with shitty club music adds to the level of disrespect.
-0.743 No worries, I remember being shocked when dude fell out of the first when it happened.
-0.7089 Fucking hell.