/u/click_1 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9062 The booty wiggle is amazing, but your smile at the end is what makes it great.
0.8748 I promise I'd love you and feed you and take care of you!
0.872 I realize that's not actually what would happen, but the implication is still pretty sexy.
0.8655 I think that was a pretty awesome surprise!
0.8439 I like your confidence, haha!
0.8356 I love it because its sexy, and so practical!
0.8221 I better get a good grip, I feel like this will be a wild ride!
0.8126 I enjoy seeing unique interesting stuff, like this.
0.8074 Now I'll definitely have good dreams.
0.807 You look pretty amazing in those shorts!
0.8004 You really love giving me work boners, don't you?

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.7088 That's a hell of a dress!
-0.68 That is a damned fine ass, MILF or not!
-0.5848 I'd know that ass anywhere!
-0.5661 There's nothing better than a fresh cherry!
-0.54 You're the right kind of dirty!
-0.5092 Very hot. And seriously, how did that guy not play with the boobies the whole time?!
-0.3595 This sexy as hell!
-0.34 So, are those panties driving you crazy?
-0.128 You're giving me dirty thoughts.
-0.128 You have an innocent face, and a dirty mind.
-0.126 But seriously, I would fuck the shit out of you!
0.0 Everything about this is hot!