/u/click_1 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8658 Good luck on a successful date night, tho I imagine you don't really need it.
0.8622 You perfectly make the case that dresses are awesome!
0.8172 This amusement park has better attractions than the ones I've been to!
0.802 Honestly, I love the whole outfit.
0.7712 You're a true hero!
0.765 When you did Snow White, I kinda thought you'd be a pretty sexy Wonder Woman.
0.7644 Oh my god, this is glorious!
0.7424 I'm definitely having a strong reaction to the lip gloss!
0.7184 Yours might be my favorite asshole, haha.
0.7003 Your nipples look like a fun time.
0.6989 I really love outdoor nudity!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6486 This one says dead link, for me.
-0.5574 I'm pretty sure your asshole is gonna kill me of a heart attack, and I'm not even sure I'm upset.
-0.5279 I'm a little jealous of those jeans, they're hugging your ass so tight.
-0.5093 Oops, I just sucked on one!
-0.4404 Considering how dirty my thoughts are right now, that's a little concerning.
-0.4019 That's a problem I can relate to.
-0.3612 The messy hair look is working for you.
-0.3595 I'll be there in no time!
-0.2244 I already miss you!
-0.0772 Maybe with some teasing and flashing.
-0.0516 Maybe I'll leave it and just bend you over the sofa arm.
0.0 The pics with the bear looking over your shoulder were cracking me up, tho.