/u/click_1 is very positive!

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0.9081 For some reason, I feel like "I have cramps, but I'm cute" would make a great t-shirt.
0.9001 I'd like to join your fun having party, please.
0.8885 There's one called "good old times", I think, that's pretty good, and not futa, you might like it. Edit: You have to scroll down on the hentai Foundry site, to find the link to the full comics.
0.8839 Don't get me wrong, I love seeing you naked, but you have some great dresses!
0.8805 That's a gorgeous dress, but I think it definitely looks better on the floor!
0.8478 Awesome pics and amazing captions!
0.8268 Titties look amazing, pussy looks fantastic!
0.8264 Beautiful coasts, the pubs are always hopping in the evenings and the people were amazingly friendly!
0.8172 Haha, you're definitely a natural!
0.7962 It takes a lot of balls to show your face on the internet, even more so if you post nudes, so thanks for sharing!
0.7845 Glad you're loving life right now.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8687 Shit, you're gonna kill me, and I'm gonna die happy!
-0.6996 Holy shit, your tits look phenomenal in that dress!
-0.6476 Jayzus Peachy, you are one hell of a good tease!
-0.5106 It's probably a good thing I don't know you in real life, because if you're even half as big a tease as this, I'd probably die of priapism.
-0.484 Ain't no party like a no panties party!
-0.4389 You're cute as hell!
-0.4389 First, you're cute as hell!
-0.4019 These pics are feeding a need inside me that might get me in trouble one day.
-0.3818 If I went to your gym, I'd end up sporting an uncomfortable erection.
-0.3676 Doesn't really surprise me you have fuck me pillows, haha.
-0.3595 Well, *I'm* sure as hell addicted to it now!
-0.2682 Oh my god, so many dirty thoughts in my head right now.