/u/ciriacute is kind of a dick.

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0.8834 AND they will ALL be better than Lilbow at LotV's release. Also, Fantasy didn't have the korean infrastructure either and made herO work for every single win.
0.875 its a final fantasy inspired hero and by inspired I mean hes a 1:1 copy
0.6115 The WC3 PL model is literally Kimahri from FFX though, and the influence is very clear on the Dota 2 model as well
0.5994 It's going to be a beautiful -- it's going to be a wall that works.
0.5859 I guess I'll stay around to cheer for sOs, but his chances of winning are so slim I'll probably get disappointed again by the end of the day.
0.4404 And that says a lot about the series, because even without practicing for 3 months Lilbow is still better than any person that posts here.
0.4404 the map mining out faster is an objectively good change, regardless of the units in the expansion.
0.4404 It was too quick, he hit a good punch and managed to end the fight."
0.4404 he realized making warp prisms was a good strategy
0.3612 there was nothing to micro he just didn't have enough units to defend both the main from the warp prisms and the natural
0.3612 which is not enough to defend the main from warp prisms and the natural from the protoss army

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-0.8519 This game has been complete shit for terran ever since MVP's wrists tried to kill him.
-0.8442 There's even some empty space on the top right corner for it. This would also unclutter the UI because the stupid kill messages that fill up the bottom center would be gone.
-0.7885 you could probably pull off that joke, but not like that holy shit
-0.7783 Disgusting mentality, disgusting player.
-0.7458 He gave literally everyone good reason to hate on him the minute he started justifying his horrible performance by saying he "hadn't played hots in 3 months".
-0.743 can't wait to get my camp accidentally stolen by jhin now thanks riot
-0.7269 From where I'm standing, "Olympic spirit" and "sportsmanship" are shit excuses for all the damage FIFA and the IOC have caused.
-0.7248 The people who forced us into this mess have already left the government, protests were already held and in those protests the population already made its desires clear.
-0.6874 ACTUAL ALDO TRANSLATION, THE INTERPRETER FUCKED UP REAL HARD "He threw a straight at my chest, I was expecting that and when I went to attack him he hit a good straight and that was it but...
-0.6249 Are you trying to imply it's somehow Life's fault that I had to watch an amateur manchild get humiliated by scouted cheese 3 games in a row?
-0.6072 And against pretty much every single team because turns out it's not match fixing and just sheer incompetence? What the fuck are you on?
-0.5859 or maybe we could have a real scoreboard that means something instead of this pointless relative scoring bullshit