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0.9538 I haven't seen LoK but I loved tLA and the Avatar universe seems perfect for creative tickling scenes, particularly with the use of ice/earthbending to trap people :)
0.916 I generally prefer upperbody to feet, but she has a great laugh!
0.9081 Yeah, I think having a lee who is tough and would try to resist the tickling would be the best way to go, bonus points if they're are usually serious/grumpy :)
0.8956 Also her giggling and begging is adorable. This is also the first tickling video I saw , so it holds a special place in my heart :P
0.8856 I really enjoy Telltale's games so I think I would probably like it. Also, your website is great!
0.875 Thanks for putting these threads together, it was a great idea :)
0.8533 I don't usually like lickling videos but she is too adorable, and i never realised how small her feet are until Catherine compared her hand to them!
0.8192 Sounds like a good ler, and lee actually :P
0.8126 Yeah, he's great as well.
0.807 Hey, thanks for the link, these are great!
0.802 I love being able to explore the topic of tickling and talk about it with like-minded people :)

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-0.7096 I thought there was no way she would have done more than one video seeing how much she seemed to hate being tickled.
-0.636 No problem!
-0.4404 OP has a relevant username :(
-0.3612 My laptop couldn't run Fallout 4, which sucks because it's possibly my favourite game series and I had been waiting since New Vegas for a new Fallout game.
-0.34 The girl in [this video] seems incredibly ticklish and it looks like real tickle torture for her.
-0.2942 Sadly these are the only 2 I've ever found, but at least they are about an hour long in total!
-0.1548 Strangely, I really like the fact that they're are usually fully-clothed and there is no 'sexual' tickling.
-0.1481 He's one of my favourite authors and he is worth reading even without the ears :)
-0.126 They needed to get some information out of her, it was a perfect time for tickle torture!
-0.0258 Although it's mainly bondage I think it adds to the helplessness of her being tickled :)
0.0 "Lynn, I've pierced me fluff on a spiiiiike"
0.0 Above the post it says their reddit username is ticklegifs, you could message them?