/u/chungles is kind of a dick.

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0.8591 Like back in the good ol' days when America was great.
0.8591 Arguing we should respect people with those beliefs is nothing but a weasly way to encourage its gradual acceptance.
0.8402 Trust me when I say I'd rather trust someone who has played ten hours of a game than someone who is judging the game entirely on internet GIFs, who doesn't even understand what EA Access is...
0.8338 As much as the online circlejerk may be eager to suggest otherwise, a 7-8/10 Mass Effect isn't bad and will certainly sell well.
0.7783 I think P4G's status as the Vita's greatest game may have fooled people into thinking it can be the greatest game on a console *with* games.
0.7717 If so - and as much as I love the Persona series - I'd think it's ridiculous to suggest this will be better than The Witcher 3 or BotW, no matter how pretty the menus.
0.765 It seems like you all seem to think he's doing a great job and has achieved everything he set out to do already.
0.7514 Sorry bud but you can't get offended by something you otherwise cheer when it's coming out the mouth of a guy on your side.
0.7506 Please do tell me how to live my life, Great One.
0.7494 Yeah, the main guy seems nothing like Commander Shepard, who I'm sure everyone remembers as one of the most interesting, fleshed-out characters ever created in gaming...
0.743 No, it would mean you're *trying* to act like him by pretending to care about us getting along but in reality you're supporting a man who thrives on divisive politics.

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-0.9186 People should react aggressively when trying to combat the slow re-acceptance of racism, Islamophobia and hatred towards trans, gay and bisexual people.
-0.9136 Comfort yourself in your abundance but you'll always been an ignorant, racist moron.
-0.9081 They voted for a man who mocked a disabled person, bragged about being rich enough to molest women, and attacked the grieving parents of a dead US solider.
-0.9041 As a result of it I went on his Twitter and saw all the racist shit he gets daily from the kind of angry white kids who upvoted you.
-0.8885 The dupes were duped and anyone still sticking by him deserves to be called out for the vile piece of shit a two-minute conversation with them would show them to be.
-0.8608 Do the people who upvoted this racist bullshit realise this knuckle-dragger is talking about a brown guy who was born in the West?
-0.8316 Can't even tell a brown guy to go back to where he came from without him calling us racist anymore ffs.
-0.8237 That indicates something about a person regardless of whether you want to pretend it doesn't. They overlooked all of these horrible traits because he was willing to blame Muslims for their problems.
-0.8176 How badly have you fucked up your own life when you're watching this guy fucking up his?
-0.8176 If a politician were running on a pro-murdering platform and a murderer voted for him, yes, you would be associated with that murderer.
-0.8176 I hate this false equivalence bullshit about both sides being the same too.
-0.802 Dude, you're in a room full of angry white males who want to feel victimised, you're wasting your time.