/u/chungles is kind of a dick.

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0.8608 And not only bad but supporting Saddam Hussein bad.
0.8126 The man measures success like he's an airhead socialite determining their worth by the number of Instagram followers they have.
0.8126 It's how his Tory brain works: Celebrate what a success you are; portray yourself as a martyr.
0.7803 It's hilarious that you think that doesn't scream 'INSECURE MALE'.
0.7579 I'm sure you have respect for them, I just think you're tone deaf to the role the Tories played in ensuring they were seen as drunk louts who brought it upon themselves for decades.
0.7351 Jingoists sure love playing that victim card...
0.6997 Yeah, it's a really fun game.
0.6908 You subscribe to a subreddit dedicated to scouring the internet looking for these women getting their comeuppance so that you can feed your desire to see it.
0.6908 I'm simply asking that you look into *why* you have such a huge justice boner.
0.6705 Because the GOP and their supporters in the media have worked hard on trying to erase empathy and compassion in Americans for decades.
0.6703 I mean, I think there are a lot of insecure men in this world but I'm not going to waste my life creating a subreddit dedicated to them; that would be a depressing way to spend my days.

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-0.8316 It's shameful that this post hasn't been downvoted to the same hell all Daily Express readers are destined to inhabit.
-0.8126 Context-less nonsense about him being a terrorist sympathiser.
-0.8102 If you don't want to accept that this makes you an extremely flawed person so be it, but don't project your male insecurities onto me, it rings hollow and just looks desperate.
-0.8074 People like you who try to cash in on fake neutrality, who trot out the 'they're both the same' mantra despite all evidence to the contrary, are just as big a problem as the racist idiots themselves.
-0.765 And shit, the whole basis for you attacking the motivations of people wanting to see his tax returns is a major assumption.
-0.7269 You're a worthless moron.
-0.7264 That's the kind of bullshit you hear from people who only read tabloids because policies bore them.
-0.7184 No, we just chop off an outdated institute to live in a world where we're not subjects to a bunch of posh, remote assholes.
-0.7003 If you hadn't already with your Goebbels-like propaganda and insinuation, this is where you'd have lost your argument.
-0.6908 Are all his haters twatty teenagers with bad jokes?
-0.6808 We could round them all up and drop them in the middle of the ocean and tourists would still come to see Buckingham Palace and see just as much of these tax dodging fucks.
-0.6705 I pity every single idiot who voted for him.