/u/chungles is kind of a dick.

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0.802 That's because the voting power of autistic white males has led to wealthy white males convincing them that anything outside of their own self interest is 'leftist'.
0.8016 lol Your opinions are incredibly original lol.
0.7964 'The previous 14 games in the series were good' isn't a valid reason why Nintendo's E3 was the best conference.
0.7571 My standards aren't so low, however, that merely the appearance of a Mario game renders a 20-minute video of reskins and ports the best conference at E3.
0.743 Celebrate your internet win and wallow in the emptiness of that success - I'll keep arguing the sky is blue.
0.7269 Yeah, and I've loved almost every one of them.
0.7172 God, you guys never stop, it's pathetic.
0.6808 lol fuk ubisoft,ea,bethesda,paidmods amirite lol
0.6597 But to say they had the best conference is laughable.
0.6504 I'm pointing out the clear signs of autism among many Trump supporters and you're pretending to be offended and choosing to not accept the clear correlation until I go door to door screening them.
0.6124 Or are we exclusively swallowing only everything wealthy, middle-class Venezuelans with the privilege of internet access are telling us?

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-0.9517 You underestimate the number of those lower on the scale who lack self-awareness, react with hostility to rejection from women, and blame all their life's failings on others.
-0.9042 Angry white males on the internet gripping so tightly to the event to use as a veil to justify their hatred of an uppity black man is pathetic.
-0.875 No, I'm assuming he's not a "reasonable guy" because he posts in a hate sub that regularly incites violence against non-white males.
-0.8316 It's shameful that this post hasn't been downvoted to the same hell all Daily Express readers are destined to inhabit.
-0.8271 It's not because women are too submissive for your tastes, it's because you scream pathetic from a hundred miles away.
-0.8074 People like you who try to cash in on fake neutrality, who trot out the 'they're both the same' mantra despite all evidence to the contrary, are just as big a problem as the racist idiots themselves.
-0.802 Or it's simple grandstanding from a doddery old fuck who once attacked his wife for being a cunt who plasters on makeup like a trollop...
-0.7762 I'm going to completely ignore you and continue demanding people from your faith start to speak out against this violence.
-0.765 They were hating him well before he gave the sad bastards some justified ammunition.
-0.7089 The negative comment is directed to those, like you, who *don't* realise race is a fucking stupid thing to even give a second thought to.
-0.7003 Desperately disparaging 4K, VR or Skyrim, as if that represented the totality of the other E3 conferences, isn't a valid point either.
-0.6808 What a shameless cunt OP is.