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0.9473 Not sure, but I did an interview with Cameron last year for Vermont PBS' InnoVaTe and loved Seedsheets so much I bought a few for friends & family.
0.9337 If you don't mind sending me some pics when you have a chance - would love to do a new update post for everybody & give you credit / kudos :)
0.9208 No, but [season 2] of InnoVaTe is all online, and I hope you enjoy!
0.9152 I've been very fortunate to have lovely NYC redditors help adopt the kitty that I've shared here thus far...
0.906 There is only one kitty and we have a backup just in case, as well as some awesome redditors who have reached out interested in meeting him to see if they can help!
0.8903 She is beautiful, playful, and really is a sweetie pie!"*
0.886 More context, this is from someone who reached out to me through WeWork: *"I am looking for a good, loving home for my Aunt's cat, Sweetie Pie.
0.8737 If you really want to adopt them, please pm me and I'll connect you with my friend who's fostering <3
0.8553 Good luck my friend!
0.8268 I'm so grateful to have been able to be a supporter of this program for the past few years, and would encourage anyone who's "on the fence" to get involved.
0.8266 Busy day but I'm hoping to re-watch episode 10 this week sometime once again to really appreciate it.

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-0.7184 Sad face :(
-0.5216 I have another cat who is older and accustomed to being an only cat, and I'm afraid this is just not the best situation for either of them.
-0.4023 Isn't Kerrick fun?
-0.2942 How *dare* you forget [Yothu Yindi!]
0.0 Blunt_Cheddar!
0.0 And Matt Berry.
0.0 Matt Berry should also be doing voiceover work for everything.
0.0 **BRIAN BLESSED** should be doing voiceover work for everything.
0.0 Not sure...
0.0 I try to keep The Paper Donkey Podcast upbeat?
0.0 Flying Tiger!
0.0 What about syrup?