/u/chiminage is kind of a dick.

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0.8625 I hope I find love like that
0.7845 I'm pretty excited and optimistic about the future...
0.784 Use SmartKeyboard....we put the free in ad free!
0.7579 I love how simple the solution is...just sub weld the +2 red delta sensors to the +5 em thelium nanosticators.
0.7579 I was going to use timunturiophololicon dipped rubber seals but hemis are a good option as well.
0.7003 I hope they give us a better insight on the field matrix interaction between the dual upper limits of the helix deemoluation
0.5859 then a few years field work before you start feeling comfortable with the Cathidium spheres
0.5859 I must look amazing
0.5859 The way he described the mobilization of the German army was amazing
0.5848 Yo yo yo yo yo World Peace!
0.5719 That Jesus loves you

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-0.9081 A club can kill you just as dead as a gun.
-0.8957 its like saying you hate all humanity because some humans kill and torture.
-0.891 it was probably some stupid bullshit about "needing to pull together" or some other stupid garbage.
-0.875 So how do people get raped and murdered if they have a right not to?
-0.8689 Any time you need to use violence to make your point you are a terrorist.
-0.7906 Does it matter if you kill some with a gun or a bat?
-0.765 She's a stupid cunt.
-0.7561 It's sad that you are this weak.
-0.7096 If you need a club to make your point you are just as bad as some who uses a gun.
-0.7096 The guy that drove his car into people was crazy no matter left or right.....there is one crazy on all sides...remember the guy who started shooting republicans at a softball game?
-0.657 how are you this retarded?
-0.6361 You can't compare TOOLs and call one more violent than the other...