/u/chiminage is kind of a dick.

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0.7906 I think that he sees the true nature of people and will know when someone truly respects him.
0.7506 Please for the love of god stop saying "for the win"....
0.7096 Smart people are out there in the world reading real books and laughing at us
0.7096 I think sometimes you have to own what you were born with to get true respect.
0.7026 She obviously didn't give a shit about you why give her the satisfaction of showing that she got to you.
0.6808 Being successful is the best revenge.
0.6369 Love the earring.
0.6124 You seem to be under the impression that appearance is what commands respect of your peers.
0.5267 Why would you want respect from people who would judge you by your height?
0.4939 yah...lets all live in a room of self agreement.
0.4939 If only all those people actually did something to save our oceans

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-0.9077 the reason people do this is because they dont want to clean up the piss and shit and puke homeless people leave behind.
-0.9001 Iroquois routinely slowly tortured to death captured enemy warriors .
-0.8519 dumb fuck About 90-95% of known societies engage in war.
-0.802 what a stupid bitch
-0.7579 In some regions of the American Southwest, the violent destruction of prehistoric settlements is well documented and during some periods was even common.
-0.743 Find a nice woman and let this bitch get on with her shitty co worker...they are obviously meant for each other
-0.6705 You killed Moe.
-0.6705 stole from and killed each other constantly.
-0.6597 All the houses were burned, and most of the inhabitants were murdered.
-0.656 he is an american billionaire businessman why would he have any allegiance to Russia...thats just so stupid
-0.6293 Those that did not are almost universally either isolated nomadic groups , groups of defeated refugees, or small enclaves under the protection of a larger modern state.
-0.6124 oh jesus.....we got a real sjw here...not only have you failed to understand human history it is clear that you have failed to grasp the basic concept of economics.