/u/chiminage is kind of a dick.

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0.7269 Putin is pretty good and the stare-up
0.7096 Smart people are out there in the world reading real books and laughing at us
0.6932 That's easy to say but what if the child simply does not give a fuck about your guidance?
0.6705 How can you claim to have taken safety precautions when there are clearly none?
0.6705 I'm pretty sure it was your wife although I don't refer to her as my dog.
0.6597 care to share?
0.6435 I have never seen a cunt inside another cunt.
0.5994 your promotional video clearly shows your employees packaging the mattresses with bare hands and no breathing masks of any kind.
0.5719 By gidily acting like everything will get better you are selling false promises and belittling their pain.
0.5267 You are belittling them by acting like you know what's best for them and marginalising their pain.
0.4939 enjoy your plastic dust

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-0.9415 If my country is so shitty how did we manage to "hack your election" you stupid dumb fuck?
-0.886 You are insulting your own intelligence you stupid stupid fuck
-0.8779 Patriot man that brought you fracking, assassinations by drones, prosecution via secret FISA courts, the prosecution of whistle blowers.
-0.8126 you do understand that Russia has thousands of nuclear weapons pointed at your head and that thermonuclear fire wont make a distinction between who was right and who was wrong?
-0.802 one form of punishment was that you would get tied naked to a tree and have these bastards go at you
-0.802 We are working with russia to fight terrorism.
-0.765 your poor bastard.
-0.7579 Back in the old days if you were unfortunate enough to be labeled an enemy of the people and shipped off to some gulag...
-0.6908 you have no idea what long term effects these people may suffer as a result to the exposure of your plastic dust as you have not conducted any long term studies.
-0.6705 stole from and killed each other constantly.
-0.6705 He was making a briefing on ISIS and global terrorism and innocent victims
-0.6597 the drone killing civilians program....