/u/chiminage is a total dick!

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0.7351 I would guess no but you can only be the best if you compete.
0.6906 I wish people werent as retarded as you
0.6705 Exactly...as much as I like the cute puppy...
0.6597 yes and yes.
0.5719 your are taking pleasure in the misfortune of others
0.5719 so if that job makes you happy you are in a tiny minority.
0.5423 If you can not make it look good without reference you are no true artist
0.52 How do we know for certain that Hillary wasn't going to lose anyway?
0.4939 you think christ can save you?
0.4404 Thanks Joe Rogan
0.4404 Good for you.

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-0.8957 Nature cheats, steals, kills and follows no law to get ahead and survive.
-0.8885 They were offering $800 worth of shitty vouchers that are 8 $100 individual vouchers that are heavily restricted and subject to blackouts...so suck a dick.
-0.859 most people in those situations are not happy so why are you coming at me with your bullshit wasting everybody's time?
-0.8555 My point is that if they kill you its because they were poisonous not because they were M&Ms
-0.836 When a pack of hyenas steal a kill from a lion?
-0.8271 he was referring to chemical munitions...hitler suffered chemical attacks as a soldier in WW1 thats why he never used them in battle in WW2.
-0.8176 your are an idiot if you think we are falling for this shit
-0.8176 This is a smear campaign by the democrats because they are butt hurt about losing.
-0.8074 get the fuck out here with that bullshit
-0.7783 it was a stupid statement but its also stupid of you to try to make it something it isnt
-0.775 it was a dumb statement but its also stupid to make it something more than it was
-0.743 its not that you cant afford them...its that there are careless people in the world that slam open their doors with no concern for other peoples cars.