/u/chicofaraby is kind of a dick.

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0.7717 He is good looking, well mannered and smart.
0.7543 We will be judged by how the poor lived in this nation, not by how the rich live. The Democrats don't own my vote, but they can win it if they would try.
0.7096 Good luck Dems.
0.7096 All I care about is voting for people who will try to help the 50% of Americans who are below the middle.
0.6908 But hey, I'm sure their lukewarm Republican positions will start winning elections for them any day now.
0.6757 How can people still not understand that the Republican Party doesn't give a fuck about laws or morality.
0.6757 I don't give a rat's ass if the party that is there is green, blue, yellow or striped.
0.6597 the hilarious part is the implication that the Democratic party is "left"
0.659 They also said "Reddit user chicofaraby is the most awesome guy ever.
0.6041 It's funny how the king of North Korea doesn't seem as crazy as he used to.
0.5994 Laugh all you want as long as you mind your own business. You don't get a choice in this.

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-0.8686 You are simply wrong. A judge ruled on the question of perjury and the ruling was that Bill Clinton did not commit perjury. But hey, Republicans will Republican.
-0.8342 When your "evidence" is that 4 people didn't support Trump in the last election, you don't have any actual evidence that a crime actually occurred in the first goddamn place. 4.
-0.7884 Trump will be considered the worst President ever because he is utterly unqualified and incapable.
-0.7717 No, they deserve to be killed by bombs dropped by Freedumb.
-0.743 76 people died. Our justice system is seriously fucked up.
-0.7278 I didn't call anyone any names. Nothing I posted was racist, sexist, homophobic or discriminatory. But hey, moderators can pull any post they don't like.
-0.7269 How many other Arkansas lawyers had their license suspended after receiving a fine for contempt of court? It was just another political hit.
-0.7184 The GOP will allow Trump Inc to steal all it can as long as he signs the bills that crush poor families and make Granny eat cat-food.
-0.6908 So the extreme right wants to murder more brown people. Not exactly news.
-0.6908 If you aren't a Supreme Court justice, you should mind your own business.
-0.6808 Stop believing Republicans, they are lying.
-0.6705 Well deserved scorn. Hopefully the world will stop worrying about what the USA thinks and start solving problems that we've been refusing to deal with.