/u/chicofaraby is kind of a dick.

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0.8484 Here is what you said: "Incrementalism isn't a dirty word, it's a winning strategy." It's not winning.
0.8481 Ok, well, good luck getting incrementally back into the game.
0.7906 Cause I could have sworn you were talking about all the success the Dems have enjoyed by being incrementalists.
0.765 A truly excellent article.
0.7579 Your tiny dicked Nazi lucked out and was elected while being less popular than Hillary Clinton. The fact that you think that's a reason to gloat just makes us more smug.
0.7424 lol, that's adorable!
0.6808 *And they all believed it.* This is why I'm saying, the left isn't going to be motivated by the same things that motivate the right.
0.6369 The reason is the things that motivate the right are not the same things that motivate the left. Sanders himself isn't the real issue.
0.6249 yeah, good thing christians never do that
0.6145 OK, well, that's all well and good, but we're not discussing world history, we're discussing whether the Democrats should pander to Republicans.
0.5859 "I'm not Hillary Clinton" did win.

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-0.9413 Expect the usual stupid Republican bullshit, tax cuts for billionaires, drug tests for the unemployed and death sentences for women with problem pregnancies.
-0.8834 No one has to listen and no one has to host her bullshit. This is just far right nut cases crying because they are tremendously unpopular.
-0.8779 There is no doubt that their policies of cutting programs that help the poor, old and needy actually hurts people.
-0.8591 She can talk her dumb ass nonsense all she wants.
-0.8038 WTF kind of nonsense is that?
-0.7906 Another long, stupid attempt to justify shitty business practices.
-0.7906 It's as if people here are willing to harm themselves in order to keep other people from being helped by government because somehow government and governance are bad things.
-0.7351 Then *The Hill* did the same damn thing in this article; fuck the American media.
-0.7351 I have a hard time believing that anyone believes the reason Clinton lost is because she was bad at compromising her positions.
-0.7003 There is simply no return on that shitty investment.
-0.6997 They are willfully harming the most vulnerable.
-0.6908 Those are his only choices, murder or mining.