/u/chicofaraby is kind of a dick.

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0.9513 Yes, but you see, I'm a temporarily embarrassed millionaire, so it's in my best interest to make sure the richest Americans aren't taxed.
0.8522 We don't fight wars for freedom or rights.
0.8074 Like cake, freedom and justice are lies.
0.6908 I'm not asking you to care or like it.
0.6808 Yes, taxes are money, thanks for clearing that up.
0.6808 But if calling people "troll" makes you feel better about yourself, then you should probably seek help from a qualified mental health professional.
0.6054 Not particularly "historic" but, yes, it's a monument ...
0.5859 It's equal for all. Yes, the wealthy pay more in taxes.
0.5598 This is so true.
0.5423 It certainly makes it funny when people like you feign outrage when you're called on your bigotry.
0.5267 Old white straight people are just like Rosa Parks.

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-0.9214 15 years in and I still haven't seen any benefit to this stupid, stupid war.
-0.891 Again, you're just lying. If you want to blame someone for the state that Iraq is in, that would be the fault of the asshole that ordered the pointless and stupid invasion to begin with.
-0.8625 because the real problem with rape is that sometimes men are falsely accused of it...
-0.8271 This is why the Democrats are shut out of power. They can only get 60 Democrats to condemn that stupid and reckless statement.
-0.8225 Another poster calls your bullshit and you freaked out, screaming and pouting.
-0.8225 I'm tired of paying my tax dollars to murder people in Afghanistan.
-0.7956 I just assume anyone who calls "marxism" in the 21st century is a fucking idiot. Because you'd need to be a fucking idiot to think marxism matters in the 21st century.
-0.7906 The current resurgence of racists in the USA is entirely due to the fact that a black man was elected President The racists have been consumed with that since 2008.
-0.7906 Who could have guessed that the group that claims government is bad would turn out to be bad at governing?
-0.765 Poor racists.
-0.7506 No doubt that's the problem.
-0.7096 All Confederate soldiers are racist losers. Like you.