/u/centralsmith is kind of a dick.

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0.9114 Hillary was **not** a sunshine-and-roses candidate and acting like she was this great choice is disingenuous at best.
0.8316 Thank you as well, that's a good beat for sure.
0.8158 A corporation with zero regulatory agencies and zero laws restraining it can and will do whatever it wants to ensure it gains more power and wealth.
0.8152 Fortunately, it's called the JUSTICE system, not the REVENGE system.
0.7906 I enjoy just about every type of music but really twangy Country and Gangsta-rap, I can find enjoyment in nearly all music based on what I'm in the mood for at the time.
0.7666 Your little pistol wont mean shit to an APC rolling down your street. Have fun supporting anarchy like the ignorant fool you are.
0.765 Hillary is similarly center-right compared to others. And finally, the Bernie movement , gained huge amounts of support and momentum.
0.743 It's cool - yeah, safety first always.
0.7297 Well, apparently not, given this one was removed :D
0.7263 We'd best be careful, then! []
0.6908 I can promise you some companies would take full advantage, outright assassinating or otherwise engaging in heinous crimes to get their way.

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-0.9246 In those days people were just a step above slavery because the only jobs you could get were from that company and they paid shit, treated you like shit, and you had to take it or you'd starve.
-0.891 Then they deliberately and knowingly took him, moved to get him out of any protective cover, and hid his presence and let him starve to death, slowly, and painfully.
-0.891 They tackled the poor bastard like he was some dangerous criminal with a call for armed robbery, you buffoon.
-0.8807 That's what I'm trying to hammer through your thick skull, but you seem too obtuse to get the point. If you had just reposted without asking and he never found out, it'd be mildly annoying at worst.
-0.8625 This was torture, murder, of the most heinous sort.
-0.8596 No, but I am saying I can *understand* why they may have pushed so damned aggressively for the update.
-0.8248 I dislike country music, but I won't say country music is BAD, it's just not my taste.
-0.7739 WHO THE FUCK CASES WHAT USERNAME ITS ATTACHED TO? Then that makes you a douche.
-0.7582 If a driver takes a little extra time at a stop sign, I might get slightly frustrated if I'm in a hurry, but that in no way excuses the kind of unconscionable overreaction of epic proportions here.
-0.743 They self-injure or injure others, and were they left alone for a day they likely would end up dead due to their actions.
-0.7269 With no exit strategy, we're repeating what happened in the 90's with equally disastrous effects.
-0.7244 It isn't beautiful, it isn't romantic, it isn't okay.