/u/centralsmith is kind of a dick.

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0.8553 That is the beautiful double-edge of freedom of speech!
0.8126 Dear god I would be happy with 25k at this point.
0.7574 'Fire!' in a theater example) that does not mean they should be respected for their opinions, that their opinions should be respected, or that anyone should be required to listen to their opinions.
0.7249 You should be free to state your opinion and not be assaulted for it.
0.6908 Well the issue comes that with certain builds it's not just a buff, it's like a rotating instagib button.
0.6398 The mod project is not illegal it all, it falls under Fair Use and while it is a derivative work, would never be sold and would still require the purchase of GTA V to work.
0.6369 But if you go to, for example, an AA meeting and try to give your opinion on what you think the best beer is, you should not be expected to be given equal treatment.
0.6297 I don't know where you get your information, but there are vast amounts of very popular people doing covers of songs and uploading them to youtube all the time, and not even DMCA is hitting them.
0.6249 I hope you realize your worth to the subreddit and this community when you do stuff like this is orders of magnitude less than even the worst writer who is actually making an effort to improve.
0.5719 My point lies in that, while everyone has the freedom to say whatever they please (to reasonable limitations, e.g.
0.5574 Say what you please, but don't expect to be supported for your speech.

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-0.9231 No one likes you, everyone wants you dead, and no one will weep over your corpse when retribution finally comes.
-0.8898 This is by no means a simple problem, and I do not purport to have a simple solution, but disregarding that there is a problem is in of itself problematic.
-0.8658 If you go up insulting someone, being a racist asshat, expect to be ridiculed for it.
-0.8537 /r/Politics is reactionary, at worst, it's hardly centrist but if you're trying to say this place has even a hint of the same blatant disregard for reality, I'm afraid you're wrong.
-0.835 It was a huge fiasco, was all over reddit as being absolutely mindbogglingly idiotic and hilariously awful.
-0.8286 What entity would exist to STOP slavery?
-0.8176 Two people who commit a crime, one out of malice, and one out of sheer desperation generally shouldn't be given the exact same punishment.
-0.7717 1v1 ambushed, yeah, smart pistol can whip people, but ambushed with ANY amped weapon and the person who didn't see it coming is going to die most times.
-0.7269 So servers who look ugly or have some visible injury should just quit?
-0.7241 When you're a mocking asshole, don't be surprised when people call you out for being a mocking asshole _
-0.7003 You literally violated rule 1, you were a jerk and don't seem to realize that.
-0.6834 She's not perfect, she doesn't succeed at everything, and regularly goofs because she has established character flaws that define her.