/u/castro02 is kind of a dick.

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0.8591 Well, they do say laughter is the best medicine.
0.8522 What do you think of the notion that a robust social safety net actually enables individuals to pursue more risky endeavors and achieve greater prosperity and success?
0.8331 OK, better luck next time.
0.802 Great, I'm glad you agree that we can and should infringe on Americans rights to purchase fire arms.
0.802 They either do it now, and lose their only play and hope people still care 2 years from now, or they wait to play their only card when it is close enough to an election that it can make a difference.
0.7903 I wouldn't agree with you, but I would believe you are putting forth a good faith effort to educate yourself on the topic, and make an informed decision.
0.7615 That may win elections, but it doesn't lead to an effective government.
0.7506 Do you think it's possible for every single person to achieve the success they desire?
0.7269 The point is they only have a single opportunity to make a serious stand against a supreme Court nomination.
0.6953 Don't get me wrong, I really hope there is a transcript and more info comes out about that meeting.
0.6681 The FBI is not pressing charges for any number of reasons, perhaps because he came clean very quickly and admitted that he didn't remember.

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-0.8979 No one will give a shit 2 years from now, we need a fight that makes Republicans look bad closer to an election.
-0.8965 I'm sure it's fucking awful in general, but I cant even tell how awful the rest of the site is because of your shitty mobile layout.
-0.8957 It's fine if you want to get illegal immigrants out, but why do you have to be a heartless bastard about it?
-0.8653 So do you know that you're wrong, and you just don't care, or are you really this fucking stupid?
-0.8516 This kind of shit is fucked up.
-0.8248 Sure, but you have to suck my dick every day and call me papi
-0.8225 I was simply calling bullshit on your reasoning because it's bullshit.
-0.8166 I fucking ignore her, because I'm an adult with more important shit to worry about.
-0.7964 Going 61 in a 60 is breaking the law, but the cop who writes that ticket is a twat.
-0.7964 He even says things like the assault weapon ban don't make any sense.
-0.7828 I'm so fucking tired of these stupid polls.
-0.7717 The downside is they do it now, filibuster gets abolished, and then when midterms roll around no one gives a fuck that Democrats made a stand 2 years ago.