/u/castro02 is kind of a dick.

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0.8522 What do you think of the notion that a robust social safety net actually enables individuals to pursue more risky endeavors and achieve greater prosperity and success?
0.807 Awesome, thanks for doing this!
0.802 They either do it now, and lose their only play and hope people still care 2 years from now, or they wait to play their only card when it is close enough to an election that it can make a difference.
0.802 Why is it inexcusable that the the DNC favored a candidate who had been a member of the party and worked for the party for decades?
0.7903 I wouldn't agree with you, but I would believe you are putting forth a good faith effort to educate yourself on the topic, and make an informed decision.
0.7574 Trump is mainly speaking to his base when he talks, and I'm sure they fucking loved that line.
0.7506 Do you think it's possible for every single person to achieve the success they desire?
0.7269 The point is they only have a single opportunity to make a serious stand against a supreme Court nomination.
0.7184 Even if it was motivated by liberal rhetoric, there are far more examples of people being motivated by right wing rhetoric that people like you will bend over backwards to ignore.
0.6908 Am I the only person who liked, or even saw, Funny People?
0.624 Well that's fucking hilarious

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-0.8979 No one will give a shit 2 years from now, we need a fight that makes Republicans look bad closer to an election.
-0.8842 If they are at the point that MAD has failed, and they're about to be obliterated by nukes, what's the point in nuking back?
-0.8834 Calling people bigots and racists is a far cry from some of the hate speech coming from groups on the far right.
-0.882 I don't think it's that he wants it to fail so that we have a terror attack, but rather that he KNOWS it's going to fail, and he is just trying to amp up his base.
-0.8225 I was simply calling bullshit on your reasoning because it's bullshit.
-0.8201 People said what he did was wrong, or broke protocol, but I don't recall people saying he was lying?
-0.8166 I fucking ignore her, because I'm an adult with more important shit to worry about.
-0.8151 Yes, there were concerns about Hillary, but if you think they were any where near the levels of bullshit we see from Trump & co., you fell for the propaganda hard.
-0.8038 The whole point of MAD is deterrence, if the other side has already sent their nukes, the deterrence has failed.
-0.7876 I like Bernie, I voted for him in the primaries, but the complaints about the DNC being unfair to him are blown way out of proportion.
-0.7717 The downside is they do it now, filibuster gets abolished, and then when midterms roll around no one gives a fuck that Democrats made a stand 2 years ago.
-0.7587 It's the fact that you feel a need to attack her because she makes dumb vagina jokes that you don't like.