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0.8807 I did an adventure once where the characters climbed up a beanstalk in the middle of an enchanted forest, then had to rescue a local noble from a cage in the giant's castle.
0.8674 It wasn't nearly as much as what you've done, but I would sure love to look back on it and see what I did.
0.8622 I love this game and you did an awesome job!
0.8618 I have nothing to add to the existing comments, but feel compelled to say, "Holy cow, this is so beautiful!
0.8591 There's an interesting video about sharing information with players that you might want to check out: https://youtu.be/Xm4EvRUo4YQ Actually, all Matt Colville's videos are excellent.
0.8585 Wow, this is really great!
0.8478 Wow, what a great group shot!
0.8478 Wow, that guide was great!
0.8395 Wow, this is really fantastic!
0.8381 The green lighting from the flames is over the top, but honestly, that adds to the charm.
0.8172 All excellent advice, and a bonus Earthdawn mention to boot!

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-0.6759 I don't DM, but I love thinking about DMing.
-0.6486 Since no one else mentioned it, I'm probably wrong.
-0.6114 Terrifying!
-0.5829 You made an absolutely kick ass map for your players.
-0.5829 Nope, I'm not high at all and that was totally kick ass.
-0.5719 I hate all other jewelry store commercials.
-0.5707 Man, that's disgusting!
-0.5574 Sorry I suck at offering constructive criticism- I just like them all.
-0.5267 Offer them choices that have impact, like they can catch a ride part way with some dog sledders to save time, but risk dangerous trails, vs staying on a well known road, but takes longer.
-0.4549 In general I've read that 5E is much more difficult when you're facing multiple opponents, compared to one really strong bad guy.
-0.4019 Even the spellplague thing that happened for 2nd edition was annoying.
-0.3818 God I hate them.