/u/careless is kind of a dick.

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0.8344 That is really cool - thanks for sharing!
0.8074 You may not use us to increase the popularity, profit, or market presence of a personal project.
0.5562 I've stickied this post to the top of the subreddit - thank you for making it!
0.4926 Thanks for participating in /r/Seattle!
0.4754 Our rule on this may be our most popular rule.
0.4588 None of the other mods even expressed an interest in learning how to modify the automod config.
0.4404 Real f#(*%&ing classy derp. Those are the facts.
0.4404 You cannot make posts that belong better in the subs for those sports teams.
0.4404 But I don't hold out much hope.
0.4404 and that will do much better.
0.4144 I'm not the one telling fucking fairy stories like they're real. You are delusional.

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-0.91 Not as crazy as your bullshit story that I somehow convinced the admins to ban your account. Fucking own up to the consequences of your own actions and stop blaming them on me.
-0.875 Specifically: no verbal attacks, and no hate speech. The user in question told someone else to blow their head off.
-0.8655 Warned violators will be banned. It's possible that this removal was a mistake!
-0.802 I think the victims will be able to file their own civil lawsuits in addition to testifying against this person in the criminal lawsuit.
-0.7906 Slapfights or comments that become abusive may be deleted and/or result in a ban. Please do not break the rules of our subreddit - repeated rulebreakers may be banned. Thank you.
-0.6407 The people who moderate /r/SeattleWA have maliciously posted my home address, cell phone number and full name online in an effort to harass me. They are not nice people.
-0.6124 Violators will be warned.
-0.5719 Specifically: **no verbal attacks**, and **no hate speech**.
-0.5719 I haven't even heard of this particular bit of insanity.
-0.5423 These people are horrid.
-0.5267 You are lying.
-0.5267 It was exactly analogous to "Hey, you're a plumber, I'm a plumber too, have you tried tool XYZ?" You are lying.