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0.7959 It's going to be [at Alki Beach this year] - help us plan a great GrMD!
0.7269 I am hopeful about it, since I feel strongly that cities can either grow or contract, and I'd much rather live in a city that is growing.
0.7129 Nobody is going to police what you're saying. If you're a jerk, the people organizing the event may ask you to leave, but that hasn't ever been a problem in the past. Sound good?
0.7088 I agree with you that there should be a permit, but hey - hope to see you at the meetup!
0.6343 Why don't you want to help the people asking for help?
0.5859 There are three different links like this on the sidebar, btw :-)
0.4939 Stumptown's cold brew, served on nitro is pretty incredible, despite being from Portland.
0.4926 Thanks for participating in /r/Seattle!
0.4754 Our rule on this may be our most popular rule.
0.4588 I don't know squat about Breaking911.com and I honestly don't have the time to go track down whether or not it or any of the other news sources posted here are reputable.
0.4404 and that will do much better.

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-0.946 No mentioning death, injury, RIP posts, finding abandoned animals, sick/survived cancer, pets being put to sleep, "I miss...", etc.
-0.8655 Warned violators will be banned. It's possible that this removal was a mistake!
-0.6124 Violators will be warned.
-0.5719 Specifically: **no verbal attacks**, and **no hate speech**.
-0.5023 Tried it, but it crashed immediately on my macbook :-(
-0.4939 Your submission has been removed from aww. Rule #1: No "sad" content, such as pics of animals that have passed away or sob stories (e.g.
-0.4767 Anyone else think someone's going to buy this and turn it into an autonomous drug smuggling sub?
-0.4003 This submission was off-topic to the /r/Seattle subreddit. It's possible that this removal was a mistake!
-0.3374 One of them is name-calling, the other is not. Also, using swear words really doesn't help your cause at all.
-0.296 That is why we have [the following guidelines for posting missing persons posts] on /r/Seattle.
0.0 It left a shopping mall, and went to the space needle.
0.0 That was it.