/u/capnjackbrown is very positive!

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0.9028 Once they feel comfortable and realize you're not a threat they're very curious and relaxed little guys.
0.8845 Nice and cheap but pretty easy to drink!
0.8573 It's not currently on my board but I love my Reflector and I used to have a Dark Star as well
0.8519 But this whole album by Tides of Man is super good and I recommend it.
0.8225 And added bonus, a great beer selection.
0.8225 Also, I'm a pretty new crestie owner as well so if anyone else has any tips or corrections feel free to add ^^^^
0.8201 Schlafly isn't one of my current favorites, but it's great nonetheless and a very old and historical craft brewery in STL.
0.807 Awesome, thanks!
0.802 Also, hand walking them will help them get used to you and calm down.
0.7783 Awesome range from clean ambient stuff all the way to very heavy metal stuff, one of the reasons I chose a Blackstar.
0.7684 It wouldn't be something I always had on my board, but the Reflector is a great chorus.

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-0.8382 Usually an IPA guy, but I'll be damned if a Corona, Busch, or Rolling Rock isn't just the best from time to time.
-0.636 No problem!
-0.636 No problem dude!
-0.5975 Not that I don't like them, they're just the least pleasing songs for me to listen to by them.
-0.5719 I hate it when I have to ask myself that question.
-0.5574 I had my reverb after my delay for a while but right now I actually have delay after reverb.
-0.5423 Lots of fuck indeed
-0.5106 How sick is the Gravitas?
-0.4019 Ooooh how does the Haunt sound on bass?
-0.3885 Run the Jewels , Kendrick Lamar, Aesop Rock, Childish Gambino, MF DOOM
-0.3804 This board is fucking nuts dude.
-0.3586 I've heard it, but without ever playing it it's hard to compare.