/u/callado is kind of a dick.

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0.8381 Yes, it was high during Caldera, but it was good for the economy, like now. It seems you don't know what's inflation.
0.8173 I think beauty is will be the most important thing that human will generate with creativity that wouldn't be replace by AI or automation.
0.7922 imf and wb haven't destroyed any country like chavez did, it would have be better having them ruling the country instead of chavez
0.7351 This company financed almost everything that only richer people could consume, and also provide a exchange scheme that promoted capital flight.
0.7163 You will need a friend for this proof of residence, he would provide you of a bill knowing you aren't a criminal
0.6705 People will have to be trained and recapacited for a consumption optimization which will generation better ways for human evolution.
0.6486 They will better snitch on you to safe their owns back instead of helping you to do anything that could get you both in trouble.
0.6361 There maybe would have also jobs where people will work just like the comment section of Reddit, the more agreeing is the opinion, the more efficent is the information given.
0.5719 The inequality has now more time to be discussed how to be solved instead of being solved haha You can check PDVSA debt.
0.5267 Everybody can consume however, not always there's information gain.
0.5106 They did receive free houses, now people have to sell these house to afford food or medicines.

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-0.8481 His economics policies were the worst in the continent and probably these caused the crisis happening in my country, Venezuela.
-0.7374 He didn't even care about the poorer, he just wanted to accumulate money through profiting food and stealing money in the government.
-0.7346 It's like that was the plan of Chavez for national economy; to destroy the economy and making everyone poorer, unproductive and more unequal.
-0.6808 creo que el dao no es tanto que consuma sino que no produzca. si no consumiera seria peor
-0.6696 Venezuela would not be so bad today if monetary policy had been different back then when oil was high.
-0.6597 To achieve that you need geopolitical support to avoid sanctions for manipulating elections or human rights violations.
-0.6369 You just ignore the rest of my comment, where I pointed out the arguments to explain my premise.
-0.6124 Future human jobs will be information production generate by consumption in order to avoid waste.
-0.5994 if you expect to pay people minimum salary, fuck off
-0.5994 It's to blame the US for Venezuela mistakes?
-0.5574 Sin embargo, un cambio en la acusacin hecho en septiembre de 2016 sostiene que los meses de la conspiracin se ampliaban a agosto de 2015.
-0.5423 Chvez is to blame for what's happening now, he worsen creating an imbalance in the system and didn't fix it or change it, as he said he would to.