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0.7717 How can be justified to take away their food that is consumed by them to privilege the ones you like more?
0.6369 That's the logic from Maduro supporters, and pretty much what has been happening since the protests started.
0.582 It surely would be better than being reliant on government which is reliant on oil. It isn't like oil wealth isn't already being drained away to pay foreign debts.
0.567 We didn't had a humanitarian crisis before. I won't blame the US for Venezuela's problem because they aren't to blame.
0.5574 citizens are strongly encouraged to monitor local news constantly.
0.5574 Both played electoral games and that is ok for me.
0.5574 hahaha Could you describe the economy of Venezuela at least?
0.5267 I have in mind the attorney general Luisa Ortega and the former minister of interior and justice Marco Torres.
0.4588 Why is there food shortages and looting in the working class neighborhoods while the grocery stores in rich neighborhoods are well-stocked?
0.4404 You are saying deposing Maduro is a good idea?
0.4404 You think that lobster is better than the food that the government is already distributing?

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-0.836 I can't imagine why the government is accused of being a dictatorship while the opposition denounces election fraud and vote audit is never done.
-0.7571 More people has died due starvation, and the state of our society is degradating more and more because of this conflict. edit, typo
-0.7506 I live in Venezuela, I don't need to read US funded oulets to know that government have killed protesters systematically.
-0.743 hay cosas que no se dicen, planes que t sabes que no se pueden decir, como lo fue la desviacion de la marcha del 2002 cuando chavez abandon el poder
-0.7096 La antitsis del chavismo es creacin de Chvez, no puedes escapar de eso, parece, y es lamentable, no por ti, sino por toda la sociedad venezolana.
-0.7093 Since then, everything has been not cooperative nor peaceful but just authoritarian, agressive and destructive.
-0.7061 Because he will declare war against venezuelan citizens if we don't please him.
-0.6908 We are talking about the second country with the highest murder rate in the world.
-0.6808 Before having their family raped and their houses raided by paramilitaries and state forces
-0.6808 People have died due starvation because food shortage.
-0.6705 It is the same with PODEMOS, a political party in Spain, they have been funded by Chvez and Maduro. Destroying the currency is part of destroying the system.