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0.714 Lately it have gained some support but it won't never win elections by its own.
0.7024 He only 'won' with barely 1 % of advantage. If only you educate yourself before making assumptions, that'd be great.
0.6486 And not the biggest but the wealthiest per capita.
0.5994 These were also caused by "western super powers"?
0.5927 What's happening now would have also happened with Chvez, but it surely will hadn't happen if Chvez would have not changed the economy radically.
0.5574 The only one who can do that is the parliament and it can't because it isn't recognized by the supreme court.
0.5106 Guitar/Vocals in Last Action Heroes.
0.4767 Venezuela constitution's approval referendum of 1999 had less than half of participation vote.
0.4404 Eliminating the dictatorship in NK is better than having it
0.4215 If you read carefully how the state structure is in Venezuela and its laws, you will know that state control isn't the same state control as in your country. Please, educate yourself
0.4215 That's the true and you won't read it in telesurtv or any pro-Maduro outlet

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-0.8481 All three crisis have in common that all of them ended in humanitarian crisis, that's what I think she's referring
-0.8271 Several venezuelan socialist were banned from r/socialism only for being subbed to r/vzla No matter what you say about socialism, if you were venezuelan you got a ban
-0.802 Russia may have problems but you can't change that with sanctions but war, and the Saudi, is just their culture and religion.
-0.7506 Poverty decreased and the people had a chance to live well without government aid Saying that before Chvez it was worse is objectively wrong.
-0.7474 Many of them are incentivized to be more violent against protesters.
-0.7184 The dictatorship seems to be losing a lot of ground, committing mistakes while the US and other countries are putting pressure against dictatorship officials.
-0.7108 All what these controls is causing is a deepening crisis which won't be solved until economy controls are lifted.
-0.7089 Three elections that were scheduled in the constitution were cancelled by Maduro since 2016, which is totally illegal.
-0.6956 The sanctions aren't against Venezuela but specific venezuelan officials that have been violating human rights systematically.
-0.6782 Many blame oil prices, corruption, or both, but reality is that Venezuela have had both issues and at higher level before, having a crisis but not as severe as now.
-0.6705 The aim of the protests is to pressure the army so they'll pressure Maduro to resign. It seems that the protests are being effective.
-0.6597 Videos shows the projectile may have hit him. The national guards was murdered.