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0.9819 What a pretty dog, i swear rescues are the best, it looks like could really be a champion best friend right there, i bet the more love u show her, the more she gives back
0.9118 Pretty as she can be, and sweet and smart and loves water i think she is web footed, she could be bulldog and labrador?
0.9001 this is Awesome Man what a wonderful way to honor The Man .
0.8957 he's a cutie and im sure will be a good dog w a great personality
0.886 He's got that look in his eye like he is going to be a grateful champion, i guarantee you he will be cooler than any corgi you could have got , just because he's a mutt.
0.8858 he's got that certain look in his eye like he was destined for that name, do your part to ensure he continues to be a champion!
0.8689 awesome thanks for sharing whole table looks kiler
0.8678 You be the man to make her happy :) dont lose a great girl, just because you're going through a rough time, she sounds supportive, i hope you recover, physically and mentally.
0.8573 oh ok i think thats what mine is, is he really smart and loves to swim!
0.8553 sounds like you'd do better to find a new hobby, if you keep going the path you're going, it's probably not going to have a happy ending!
0.8481 Awesome 100%, I must ask what method of finishing did you use, Finish looks great by the way.

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-0.8689 well, hell if you gone do all that, you might as well just cut the lock a take the whole mother fucker wtf lol
-0.8316 Man Here: I wont sleep with a woman if she has slept with someone who i consider to be a scumbag or nasty.
-0.5789 This appears to be oak, any ideas on how to fix this, damage was from a lysol can.
-0.4215 i'm bad about this too, It's being kind to a fault, even though you would never ask that of others.
-0.3818 i disagree
-0.2565 My humble opinion is, if she doesn't care about sex and you're having problems with sex stay with her and also keep your confidence up.
-0.2263 The Ward Lurks in mysterious ways
-0.1045 If he's really good, these are red flags for cheating imo.
-0.1027 How good of a liar is he?
-0.1007 Oh Yeah, If you try to "Hoss" one of those boys in, you'll loose 'em!
0.0 long live honda!!
0.0 i guess once i get to know the words and say them i will know abbreviations more.