/u/bumblechuzz is a total dick!

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0.743 Romo is, at the top of his game, the best backup qb a team could want.
0.7351 The faux laughter is cute.
0.7351 Congrats on being lucky
0.7002 Lol I have done nothing to indicate anger.
0.6808 Lol nice try kiddo.
0.6486 Looks like she got her implants fixed, nice
0.6124 Luck plays a large part in ladder climbing.
0.4767 Woo flat asses
0.431 Most people that I've met who say they aren't an ass guy just haven't gotten laid yet.
0.4228 I love women, you fucking weirdos.
0.4215 It's cute how uppity nobody schools like tcu get when a major program, one of the top 25 winningest teams has a bad decade.

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-0.886 So, do they both make those awful rape cries?
-0.8807 No Dumbass, having your glans unprotected for decades ruins the mucous membrane
-0.8807 Except you're mutilating their dick without their permission and they're doomed to lose sensation as their glans turns into a callus.
-0.8519 When a girl does that I'm scared of getting my dick broken.
-0.8276 Or maybe he just doesn't like watching you be wrong as fuck?
-0.7717 Fake as shit
-0.743 Shame he's gonna get destroyed in the NFL
-0.6908 No ass, not exactly grade a
-0.6597 Why is that faggot soft?
-0.6597 I will never understand being an ass or tits man.
-0.6597 Both tits and ass.
-0.647 Nah, I don't care how clean someone's asshole is.