/u/bumblechuzz is a total dick!

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0.7351 The faux laughter is cute.
0.7351 Congrats on being lucky
0.7003 Lol you think I'm a mall ninja neckbeard, that is cute.
0.6808 Lol nice try kiddo.
0.6486 Looks like she got her implants fixed, nice
0.6124 Luck plays a large part in ladder climbing.
0.5859 Wow that is gay
0.5851 Lol, you won't get better at something if someone praises you all the time.
0.5478 Don't bother with this sub, they're just an astroturfing front for the scum like Clinton.
0.4717 I don't touch assholes
0.4588 It's an alt account bro haha

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8957 Now go fuck yourself you bitch ass white Knight neck beard.
-0.886 So, do they both make those awful rape cries?
-0.8276 Or maybe he just doesn't like watching you be wrong as fuck?
-0.7964 What the fuck is that neon green shit on the plate?
-0.7845 Wtf is wrong with you?
-0.7717 Fake as shit
-0.7543 You morons always say this shit and then never provide any peer reviewed evidence backing any of your claims.
-0.743 And you don't have to be an angry, jealous asshole.
-0.7351 You don't have to be a freak or a pornstar to have an above average dick.
-0.7351 That doesn't happen, I just call out when people put the wrong body types in the wrong subs.
-0.7184 It's his fault for having a soft dick
-0.7003 Future just sucks dick.