/u/brie_s is very positive!

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0.9158 I don't know why but reading this comment made me tear up just a little bit :') This is so lovely.
0.839 On her though, it does have a really beautiful brightening effect.
0.8225 Super happy with these.
0.8181 Reverse experiences, but converge to harbor so much love for this little guy and this sub!
0.7574 I've never encountered any Visual Kei stuff on MUA, and it was such an awesome surprise to see this on my feed!
0.7574 The cow in the bottom left is like "why does this mini, slobbery, overly happy cow get all the attention?!
0.7512 The lips and the eyebrows are so gorgeous!
0.75 [MNEK- In Your Clouds.] If you like Snakehips or FKJ, it's definitely worth a listen!
0.7351 She mentions the [Stargazer Pressed Powder] as one of her favorites, but it's pretty much stark white.
0.7177 The shimmering skin perfector liquid from Becca in Opal is so beautiful and so multipurpose.
0.6696 I saw that combination of green, blue, and white and was elated when I realized who it was!

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-0.5423 Suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens.
-0.4019 There's even suspiciously tentacular mud-flaps.
-0.3818 My past and my current self are screaming really, really, really loudly.
-0.3102 So you can suspend, you can put restrictions, you can do whatever you want.
-0.25 Ngl reading that transcript reminded me of Trump's use of repetitive rhetoric.
-0.2405 I know it's not the most pleasant to use but it's ~$7 and I think there is an unfragranced version.
-0.1689 Okay, so you can suspend the aliens, right?
-0.0516 I've baked with it for the past two years, and the trick is to not use too much, otherwise it can emphasize lines.
-0.044 You can suspend the aliens from coming in very strong or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.
0.0 Totally seconding this!
0.0 Have you watched Thataylaa?
0.0 Check her out for some recs!