/u/brie_s is very positive!

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0.9305 I'm sure one day you'll find a way to rock straight brows without feeling ridiculous and until that day, I wish the best of luck to you.
0.9153 Thank you for all your help, I truly appreciate it and I will take all this information you've provided me and use it to my benefit.
0.8402 Sultry looked gorgeous on you, but now you can look gorgeous without sacrificing sensory comfort:D
0.8181 Reverse experiences, but converge to harbor so much love for this little guy and this sub!
0.7964 They're like, the happy medium between straight and arched to me.
0.7947 Thank you so much, gorgeous!
0.7906 I'm pretty sure any set of eyebrows with the help of dipbrow could make anyone die happy.
0.7777 Thank you, gorgeous!
0.7574 I've never encountered any Visual Kei stuff on MUA, and it was such an awesome surprise to see this on my feed!
0.7512 The lips and the eyebrows are so gorgeous!

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-0.6124 My snazzy pair of brows were actually done yesterday, but I'm just going to cheat and say that they were for today.
-0.4854 I *just* used up my last Leaders Insolution AC Dressing Mask ;-; Unfortunately, I'm allergic to soy- I have a facial rash when I ingest soy, but I don't know how a topical soy product would fair...
-0.3818 My past and my current self are screaming really, really, really loudly.
-0.34 You're crazy.
-0.3182 Belgium game + my derpy dog.] (Even though we lost.
-0.296 Oh no, you too were in the i'm-sorry-skin-forgive-me-calm-down boat?
-0.2235 I bought the whitening version because I have quite a bit of PIH, but I don't notice any significant lightening effects.
-0.1531 I have the Chamomile and Cedar Otaku masks waiting, but I'll just wait painfully, haha.
-0.0772 I'm sorry if I seemed a bit malicious in response.
0.0 I^love^Komasan
0.0 I'm a vegan from San Antonio, currently living not too far from it.
0.0 this looks very familiar.