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0.9239 Funnily enough, I don't know what caused the reaction, but Aveeno Positively Radiant made my face break out into bumps and cause some serious redness and a warm feeling.
0.9158 I don't know why but reading this comment made me tear up just a little bit :') This is so lovely.
0.8869 The bottle will last for quite a while for use on the face and everywhere else, and it's my favorite way to add a really convincing natural radiance and glow to the skin.
0.8801 Seeing that she has cats and doesn't put other animals below her love for her cats makes her morally superior by not being hypocritical.
0.8399 Wow, that's an absolutely beautiful lip color and just the right complement and amount of blush.
0.839 On her though, it does have a really beautiful brightening effect.
0.8271 It gives more exposure to the lifestyle as well as may inspire some people to make some changes for the better.
0.8225 Super happy with these.
0.8181 Reverse experiences, but converge to harbor so much love for this little guy and this sub!
0.8065 Ridiculously beautiful, I love the Stila shadow with that red and the perpendicular-ness of the end of the brow with the liner!!
0.8042 The end result was so beautifully polished and natural that I had to take a double take when she said her left undereye was already done.

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-0.8658 That's the worst, exposing your remnants of swamp ass.
-0.8271 Because damn, mad disrespect to her to back up J* against Jackie in this.
-0.636 No problem!
-0.5739 It happened after about 10 minutes of it being on and it was so, so uncomfortable until I washed it off.
-0.5574 Oh shit, this album is on repeat to get me hyped for finals.
-0.5483 I've been eyeing this or the Ascorbyl Glucoside to introduce into my routine, but the fact that it's in an oil-format kind of scares me and my acne-prone skin.
-0.5423 Suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens.
-0.4939 Ugh. *"If i gotta go hard on a look, I'ma make it look sexy"*
-0.4391 This dried out my face massively and left a really uncomfortable film.
-0.4215 It's one of the only moisturizers that doesn't break me out or irritate my skin.
-0.4215 My class has a bunch of black plastic seats, and walking among the rows of empty seats was like walking in an art gallery of streaks of swamp ass memories
-0.4019 That's a problem I've had with some previous foundations from them.