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0.8519 Stories like this me genuinely excited and as someone perusing ichthyology I hope I can make an impact like this one day.
0.8399 Really great work, it seems like you're well on your way to an addiction.
0.8316 Beautiful, beautiful album.
0.8316 Fantastic, love seeing typically less sought after on here
0.8225 Just sharing a good song from a good band.
0.8126 My good friend came from a huge family that owned a huge-ass van for about 15 people.
0.7964 Love Beirut, good choice
0.7906 It's truly a masterpiece.
0.7901 This was a huge help and hopefully I'll be back with some trout pics in March!
0.7721 Don't hesitate to look up some instruction videos, they help immensely and those instructors are much better than me!
0.7701 If any one likes this I encourage them to check out the album Pink Moon.

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-0.8779 Cats hunt for the hell of it and I have seen countless rabbits, squirrels, birds, other small animals killed by outdoor cats.
-0.68 Cicada Killer!
-0.6369 You can call basically whatever you want "bream." Herein lies the problem of common names because they can change so much regionally.
-0.5859 Shoot, total mistake.
-0.5719 STL fly fisherman here, hate having to make the drive to our nearest places
-0.5106 My memory might be failing me though as I tie almost exclusively sub-surface patterns.
-0.4767 Terrible form, always wrap up
-0.4215 A few charmanders popped up on my nearby at 39th and Shaw, sadly I couldn't explore the neighborhood to search
-0.4019 Every video you guys have done makes me lose it.
-0.3818 I'm losing it
-0.3182 I meant the length of the hackle should be about 1.5x the length of the hook gap, sorry for being unclear.
-0.3025 You really need to understand that college is not about how smart you are but how hard you work.