/u/bowawaythrow is very positive!

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0.9778 Congratulations, I'm so happy that you and your two little ones; it sounds like you'll bring great love, joy, and growth in the years to come.
0.9368 My biggest congratulations to you and your SO, it's wonderful that you're both now in a place to share your time happily and healthily.
0.9335 I wish you the very best with your creative endeavors and for the success of your future blog!
0.8479 My very best thoughts are with you for your continued journey towards success and personal fulfillment.
0.8356 Wonderful, congratulations!
0.8313 Stunning music excerpt from Moonlight as well, wow!
0.8271 Find what will drive and sustain me, make peace with what I can offer in life, and learn how to express myself in the best and most authentic way.
0.8271 Thank you for the lovely sentiment and advice, I'll certainly try to keep that in mind going forward.
0.8268 My very best thoughts towards your continued journey learning how to productively and genuinely enjoy your life.
0.8225 My completely uneducated guess is that speech lengths can be largely influenced by how passionate, moving, and/or eloquent they appear to be in order to maximize entertainment value.
0.8122 Congratulations, that must be exciting!

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-0.8885 I just regarded it as a combination of overwhelming sadness, guilt, and perhaps embarrassment/shame all rushing to the forefront as Rick takes him in, horrified and helpless.
-0.802 You should be, he was also a no good dirty rotten pig stealer.
-0.636 It's no problem at all!
-0.5267 I'm frustrated that I was finally able/got around to watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix and it now seems Parks and Rec references have long passed their peak on Reddit.
-0.4215 Just a throwaway detail, but I've noticed that Carol has worn similar-looking/the same silver-colored ball earrings since her character's introduction, I believe.
-0.3818 I disagree, it reminds me of family.
-0.357 It's not the Academy Awards without a Meryl Streep nomination and a motivational speech from Cheryl Boone Isaacs.
-0.34 My mistake, the Firefox screenshot was taken before I downloaded RES to Firefox.
-0.128 Oh okay, my mistake.
-0.0772 I'm sorry, would you clarify what you mean?
-0.0059 I've never played a game like it before and have checked out the beginner's guides on /r/hearthstone, but I'm still a bit at a loss, haha.
0.0 May I ask why maple syrup is in the list of issues I would need to deal with?