/u/boring_oneliner is kind of a dick.

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0.7906 OP, why would you take a perfectly true and proven statement, and claim it was "ridiculous" ?
0.7644 Wow just like ozzy!
0.7007 but i dont blame the guys, everyone knows they like to knock back a few..
0.6948 That makes me so happy.
0.6369 Thank you for your autistic help
0.6249 Great stuff Mr jezilnek
0.5994 Yes thats why i felt the need to share it with you
0.5267 whew theres still justice in this world
0.5095 ant especially haha"
0.4927 With makeup, shes very attractive.
0.4588 i was glad when they abondend it, because it had run its course after the first season.

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-0.7734 Is he doing this in this annoying voice he used for the star wars prequels?
-0.7269 Motion to include **Bam Margera** in Green Level Although he is an annoying skater fag, he ultimately provides nightly entertainment for Opies poor wife who would have otherwise left Opie.
-0.7003 you're a copy of a fake enraged Jim
-0.7003 He's a jealous hater
-0.6808 Stop saying infuriating.
-0.6808 no no no ...
-0.6808 when you think back on sopranos, you really never think about the melfi part, other than when she was raped by Jesus.
-0.6801 Anthony is basically a fucking nigger
-0.6705 pretend mobsters are the worst. at least Johnny Fratto always said he was never involved.
-0.6597 Fucking enablers They are killing him
-0.6597 the devil kratom keeps him awake at night
-0.6166 he makes me SICK