/u/boredbaker is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9582 Congratulations and thank you, Monarch for making this a wonderful place for people to flock to. *raises glass of the bubbly to you and the lovely people of Sexy Shenanigans*
0.8591 *blush* Look who's talking about being sexy. I hope you enjoy your long weekend.
0.8176 You're seasoned ;-) I would love an old and complex port, please.
0.802 How's it going? I'll just help myself to this lovely Malbec.
0.7906 Hope you have a great day too.
0.784 Sounds like an awesome time!
0.784 Great smile!
0.7644 That's a lovely smile!
0.7579 Dear Monarch, I would love some port on this cold rainy day.
0.7579 Sending hugs and kisses your way.
0.743 Pretty please with sugar on top.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5938 You can't help yourself from screaming "Tin roof rusted"
-0.5574 The winter is punishing you for shaving it off.
-0.5106 Oh the pain of not having proper lighting and reading glasses.
0.0 Does one drink that with their waffles?
0.0 I joined Costco just so I could buy butter in bulk!
0.0 My mother in law requests my blue cheese souffl.
0.0 I will trade you, a cake of your choice, for spaghetti sauce.
0.0 Round 2!!!!
0.0 Anything for you, Rose!
0.0 *puts on long lasting red*
0.0 Slow song or fast?
0.0 *hugs Rose* Who are we looking at now?