/u/bofh3016 is very positive!

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60Overall Score
62Positive Score
4Negative Score
32Neutral Score

Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.9337 You are super cute and I love your hair :)
0.93 Super cute and beautiful as always :)
0.9236 I love your outfit and your lips look SO kissable :P
0.9201 super cute and adorable :)
0.8999 wow, super cute!
0.8999 Wow, super cute!
0.8993 your toes are so cute and delicious looking :P
0.891 I love your sexy feet :)
0.8868 Looking super sexy :P
0.8779 super cute and adorable
0.87 delicious cute feet and toes :P

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5848 I can't get enough of your ass!
-0.5848 Your ass drives me wild!
-0.128 she looks HOT with that plug in her ass :)
-0.1027 You're such a tease ;)
0.0 that looks tasty!
0.0 looking hot!
0.0 You're so naughty!
0.0 Time for a spanking /smack!
0.0 that's one HOT tasty looking pie !
0.0 Absolutely!
0.2003 What a gorgeous ass!
0.2244 You have a great ass!