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0.9732 An explanation of timing and chains would be awesome :) but yeah great post, the math helped me understand chains way better :D
0.9524 I would love for all Reads viewers to feel like the show is worth it, so as a paying subscriber I'd love to know if you think the value is good enough.
0.9273 great to see these kinds of threads showing interest though :) I think that's really motivating for us.
0.9211 Totally agree with your feedback and I am extremely confident that you'll be happy with the improvements we make with each new episode!!!
0.8943 I remember I was so happy when I got Agrias :) def my favorite full breaker to date.
0.8842 ROFL <3 tysm i won't stop fighting
0.8832 definitely something for us to think about :) thx for sharing! The only problem is that I don't think we could actually make anything more even if we had a lot of Patreon support.
0.8807 definitely sounds fun, tbh we just need help coordinating stuff like this and it'll happen.
0.872 Truly an honor to cast such amazing sets
0.8655 you are definitely lucky to pull a 5* base unit without having spent any real money :) enjoy that! tbh though it's a part of the trap.
0.8605 It would also be super hard, just because the top 100 players are all so talented too.

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-0.6369 in other words if lightning is hitting me and i drop to 50% after the 3rd hit in her 5-hit attack, does it activate at that point?
-0.5423 Bad answer?
-0.4767 Tbh I think rates were much worse on BF banner.
-0.4588 also make sure neither of them have killer effects - the "WEAKNESS" thing adds a second or so in each run.
-0.3612 I think the guy is lazy.
-0.357 Those prob aren't going anywhere :)
-0.3182 like you can with companions. I still think the answer is no, even when you're in the battle you can't see full unit details.
-0.3167 Yeah I'm a fucking moron
-0.3089 It didn't feel as interesting to me.
-0.296 I would guess that a Xmas sale would either be the same discount, or there would be no discount
-0.296 holy shit lol 87% is madness for Gilgamesh being out for like 3 days.
-0.296 no one is above 1.50 and everyone in your same area is 1.00.