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0.9732 An explanation of timing and chains would be awesome :) but yeah great post, the math helped me understand chains way better :D
0.9273 great to see these kinds of threads showing interest though :) I think that's really motivating for us.
0.9124 The thing I keep in mind is that trust % has almost no value in and of itself, and that the trust reward at 100% has incredible value.
0.8992 Not sure if anyone told you but you actually got super lucky, not just pretty lucky.
0.8943 I remember I was so happy when I got Agrias :) def my favorite full breaker to date.
0.8842 ROFL <3 tysm i won't stop fighting
0.8807 definitely sounds fun, tbh we just need help coordinating stuff like this and it'll happen.
0.876 LOL glad someone understood :) I think 95% of commenters did not get what I was trying to explain I get the feeling that literally everyone just macros and so this never comes up
0.875 I would love to learn how to do that better, might watch some Fauster if that's something he's good at
0.872 Truly an honor to cast such amazing sets
0.87 LMAO y'all are the best

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-0.7063 Fuck :( Auron will be tough to not spend crazy cash on.
-0.6486 4 and 5 star Miyuki has one frame in her attack animation where her swords stop glowing.
-0.6369 in other words if lightning is hitting me and i drop to 50% after the 3rd hit in her 5-hit attack, does it activate at that point?
-0.6249 Worst thing ever
-0.4767 Tbh I think rates were much worse on BF banner.
-0.4588 also make sure neither of them have killer effects - the "WEAKNESS" thing adds a second or so in each run.
-0.4588 I have thought about quitting recently because I just keep feeling bad about the game if I don't have a specific unit .
-0.4404 Never seen her :(
-0.4019 The problem I think is that the answer is so subjective based on the kind of player asking the question.
-0.363 Yeah that makes sense if you hit AUTO but since I don't, this actually doesn't safe time for me.
-0.3612 I think the guy is lazy.
-0.34 Yeah seriously those guys suck