/u/blunttman is a total dick!

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0.8176 Humble bundles were great when they came out, now they're just pure garbage. For the biggest charity game streaming event of the year this bundle is a slap in the face.
0.802 Good luck will be sure to tune in
0.784 I'd love to see her play the Final Fantasy X HD remake!
0.7351 lol when did you think to yourself im going to make a quick montage of him enjoying coffee, never noticed it myself tbh.
0.7003 I google searched the other day to see if phantomlord was in a scandal as well, turns out couple days later Richard Lewis has the answers I was after. Cheers Richard, well done m8.
0.6887 yeah let's have them spend more time optimizing the game so you can run 400fps on your 60hz monitors, like it will make a difference you ducking morons
0.6369 Why is it when someone makes a post saying best ever you know it's just going to be another average ass...
0.5448 Don't know about h1z1 coz I'm not a faggot soz
0.5267 Nightfallen rep was actually the easiest/fastest rep to gain in Legion
0.4953 Your order has been received. Had to do CC guys, don't waste your time with paypal. Pro-Tip!!!
0.4939 Top of bank tab m8

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-0.9663 Fuckoff with this scam cunt shit you fucking retard faggot.
-0.9611 this stupid shit is the reason why things that actually need fixing DONT get fixed, buried by this dumb cunt cancer posts.
-0.922 So it offended you and instead of sticking up for them then and there you chose to come to the reddit and cry, fucking pussy ass bitch
-0.9136 shut the fuck up dickhead, stay logged out if your gonna have a bitch about someone sharing their opinion, tbh he's more right than you are crying about it.
-0.886 Go back to being obese and poor you pathetic piece of shit amerifat.
-0.8858 who the fuck upvotes this garbage, no wonder this subreddit is full of fucking cancer
-0.8674 The hate would be okay if it was constructive, but we all know how people are on the internet, no hate is actually constructive.
-0.8593 This is actually the dumbest shit ever and it doesn't surprise me you pleb cunts like it, fucking morons. Go on fuckwits, downvote me see how much I care.
-0.8591 Does it kill your motivation when you get a lot of hate or do you just ignore it?
-0.8462 I have no fucking clue who the old guy is or why this shit is even wasting time on WWE, seriously....
-0.8281 what kinda cod faggot FoV is that shit
-0.8232 Level your own character lazy cunt, fucking pathetic casual