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0.8641 sitting in a bath of rice sounds like a good plan, but you better buy that rice wholesale because it's going to cost a lot :p
0.8148 not all of my friends are huggers, so I don't want to impose, but I always look forward to seeing hugger-friends because I know I'll get hugs
0.8006 but what about my perfect bloodwork though??!!?
0.7964 okay wow sorry for wanting to help
0.7905 I'd love to be able to make someone's day a little easier!
0.7845 at least now you're living up to "I tell this story pretty much any chance I get", no one specified it had to be a good chance
0.7845 haha sounds like a plan :p
0.765 pretty normal nothing-really-happening day, except I met up with a friend for lunch and he was like "hey you've lost a lot of weight" and I was like...
0.7345 I hope your brain catches up soon, I bet you look fab!
0.7269 congrats on your flair, we're buddies again ;) also I totally get wanting to lose an even 40, that's how I set my goal as well :p
0.6996 at any pace you want, start off walking and increase your speed as you feel better!

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-0.6956 I know we have three tiers of managers , and I know who the GM is and which employees are managers, but fuck me if I have any idea who's a manager and who's a team leader
-0.6862 true, but I was thinking more if they're not all neatly tied up you're probably going to end up choking on them
-0.6774 I was a telemarketer for one day in high school, no one wanted to buy the magazine subscription I was selling so I cried in my booth and quit after my first shift
-0.636 no problem!
-0.6187 expect the best, but prepare for the worst.
-0.5859 does that mean I can tell people to quit their bullshit because my body isn't built to handle that
-0.5697 it's so gross!
-0.5574 wait, shit, it comes in the mail?
-0.4497 wait, but if discrimination causes weight loss, how do people stay fat when they're fat-shamed constantly?
-0.4351 I saw this comment still thinking about Les Mis due to the comment above and was very very confused for a second
-0.4168 started a new job recently, everyone wears all black, I have never been happier about nametags
-0.3802 that's definitely something I need to be working on, and I know this, but I just can't seem to care as long as I'm not hungry and the scale keeps going down.