/u/blindgynaecologist is very positive!

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0.9558 tbh your life sounds like something Astrid Lindgren would write :p and that's definitely a compliment! I hope smiley face snail comes back to say hello :)
0.9286 haha that song is pretty much always appropriate tbh yay for being on track for all of your goals, that's amazing!
0.9245 human bodies are definitely weird haha I hope you enjoyed your brunch, getting out of the house is always good!
0.9183 that sucks about your hand, I hope it gets better soon! I'm glad you're having a good week though!
0.908 that sounds like a wonderful start to a day! that pasta sounds good :)
0.9041 congratulations on the compliments, it's always an amazing feeling!
0.902 you're definitely dealing with the water weight super well, I am impressed!
0.8977 I'm glad you're taking care of yourself, it sounds like a good time!
0.8906 you definitely deserve to have slept in! have fun at boxing, I hope you manage to start your essay as well!
0.886 you sound like you're doing a lot better, I'm glad to hear it :)
0.8832 that sounds like an excellently managed PMS, congrats!

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-0.7755 sorry about your goals :/ but it's not like the month is a complete loss!
-0.765 calories are good today, haven't eaten much yet but am scavenging for something to eat now and will leave room for a drink later because that exam nearly killed me.
-0.69 small deficit is still a deficit, as long as you're sticking to it!
-0.4019 do you have a deficit?
-0.3802 wallabuddy is incredible and I bow down to you tbh I feel you on the boredom!
-0.34 pace was a little slower than W4D2/3, and it felt terrible - I think I might need to stop running right out of bed, eating something first could be beneficial.
-0.296 I am probably going to do a colour-removal this week though because it's getting to the point where it's weirdly ombr and my roots are beginning to look unkempt...
-0.2942 ugh, that sucks about your plans being off :/ I hope tomorrow is better!
-0.2449 the secret of these pants is that they're ridiculously high-waisted so they hide all the rolls :p
-0.2316 I just never want to see the number 86 again, it's been staring me in the face for a solid month
-0.2287 honestly the sleeping wouldn't even have been a problem, we went to bed at a decent hour, but the kids just woke up ridiculously early and would not stop yelling!
-0.2263 it's likely I won't actually get there, but I'm damn well going to try.