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0.9458 it sounds like dumb voodoo but I did the same thing to mine a while back and after 24 hours in rice it works perfectly again! I hope you have fun on your school trip despite the early start!
0.9438 like that's actually almost impressive, wow yay for doggie cuddles and birthday bonuses and boiler replacements though!
0.9402 yay for growing up haha I hope your friend is on board with helping out!
0.9402 I hope you're right about the weather turning cold, that's my preferred temperature ;p sounds like a lovely day, I hope you enjoyed the tortellini!
0.9117 I'm glad the party was a success, and I hope you manage to get your run in tomorrow!
0.9081 you know yourself best, if you think maintenance for a while is the best course of action then you should stick with it :)
0.9027 would you look at that, Strava says that's my fastest average pace so far. half the time we don't know shit about what we feel, better to trust things you can see :)
0.8976 that sounds like a really good doctor's visit - also, congrats on being asked to talk about weight loss, that's amazing!
0.8932 that's definitely an amazing day, congratulations!
0.8885 fun fact, in Finnish we call clothes that fit like that 'sausage skins', I'm sure you can understand the visual ;)
0.875 congrats on your goals, seems like you're doing well :)

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-0.8271 fluctuations always happen, but it's sucky to watch happening :(
-0.7882 how do people fuck up that badly??
-0.7644 oh no, worst possible timing!
-0.7203 unfortunately I ended up having cheese regrets, I was so full of cheese I couldn't have dinner :/ so no pizza for me yet!
-0.5983 that sounds illegal!
-0.5849 it's so bad.
-0.5475 these are yesterday's victories, because I couldn't seem to find yesterday's thread, but: NSV: I finished C25K! SV: I've lost 25% of my starting weight!
-0.543 I'm trying to walk as much as possible, but it's also 32C so I haven't yet braved the 50-minute walk between the city centre and my hostel, opting for the metro instead...
-0.5423 that's a full 1.8kg overnight, the fuck? been at work again today, and I walked past a pizza place on my way home and the temptation to just grab dinner was so real...
-0.5267 no wonder I lost a crazy amount of weight in March, I was swimming like five times a week.
-0.4588 maybe you could try and find a different kind of cardio that doesn't fill you with dread?
-0.4224 tbh it sounds so inconvenient and so terrible but I still lowkey want one