/u/blackbeardsmoustache is kind of a dick.

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0.9571 and i will key the shit out of all of those care :) win win all around.
0.765 You safe spaces are why Macron won
0.7184 Phrases that make me vomit: Party of Lincoln Leader of the free world
0.6249 Great job with what you've done in South America.
0.6249 she woulda been great.
0.624 Google is very successful.
0.5994 Unlike the real winners, playing league and getting fat off soda.
0.5994 I'm gonna enjoy your tears when dear Donald overturns net neutrality.
0.5859 I'm sure you can agree
0.5719 The coaching staff celebrated together
0.5719 This is why macron won.

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-0.9515 We don't know." what's the difference? they hate women, hate anyone who isn't like them, love violence.
-0.891 Except Trump will kill millions with his healthcare policies while Merkel will save millions by hosting people escaping a horrific war
-0.8885 fuck off you dumbass gamer retard.
-0.8625 Put how much of a woman hating loser and worthless asswipe you are.
-0.8555 You racist twat
-0.836 But the only one that matters if the Cross he got on the tombstone when his nazis ass was killed by the allies.
-0.8271 It is since he posts vile shit on the_donald.
-0.8074 stupid cunts
-0.7964 She also wants to deny gay marriage and kill muslims.
-0.7906 And you just proved you are a woman hating douche for no reason.
-0.7845 white male + gamer + donald + failure = you. #notallwhitemales, just the ones that are fascist.
-0.7845 he's a lying bastard.