/u/blackbeardsmoustache is kind of a dick.

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0.9571 and i will key the shit out of all of those care :) win win all around.
0.9186 Find me a day care that takes care of kids for free or a maid that cleans houses for free and I'll concede you point.
0.836 Since the dawn of civilization people have decided having a central power handling certain aspects of resource management is the best way to ensure some modicum of fairness and order.
0.8177 Better hope you never get sick
0.7964 It's what people like you, who have no talents or worth, believe to feel better.
0.79 here's three words you'll never hear from a woman "I love you" and lmao @ assuming everyone you don't like makes your coffee.
0.7184 Phrases that make me vomit: Party of Lincoln Leader of the free world
0.6966 Southern rail is doing a great job aren't they? Do you want HSBC to buy all the water?
0.6597 When there are better systems proven to work in places like Germany, Australia and Canada.
0.6369 The memeing gamer douchebags that made this site an alt right haven and Trump central? The best part of net neutrality going down is the cost of gaming going up.
0.6315 The only regulation needed there is to ensure there are verified sellers so people aren't buying fake drugs.

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-0.8932 Stop using us asians to justify your racism you fucking shithead.
-0.8625 Put how much of a woman hating loser and worthless asswipe you are.
-0.8555 You racist twat
-0.8519 Libertarianism is such a brain dead ideology, i have better shit to do on a saturday than argue with morons.
-0.836 ban this fucker
-0.836 But the only one that matters if the Cross he got on the tombstone when his nazis ass was killed by the allies.
-0.8357 If conservatives ran the gov't in America slavery would still be legal now I wait for the fucking idiot who says Lincoln was a republican...
-0.8316 Please go fidget spinning instead of trying to ruin women's lives and their potential by forcing them to give birth you useless fuck
-0.8271 It is since he posts vile shit on the_donald.
-0.8111 "Irish" Americans are the most retarded fucks.
-0.8074 stupid cunts
-0.7845 fuck off back to your video games retard