/u/blackbeardsmoustache is a total dick!

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0.8047 That flag might unite you but it's abundantly clear USA is only welcoming to white people.
0.7845 You bought success using the wealth of a man that robbed it from the people of russia.
0.743 like giving tax cuts to the rich so they can ~~piss~~ trickle down on you.
0.7351 Revolutions happened with much greater success before social media.
0.6641 Thankful most white people aren't asshurt racists like the garbage on this site.
0.6369 mormons are doing their best.
0.5859 Amazing analysis skills.
0.5719 The guy who was an advisor to Reagan and brought us the wonderful world of "trickle down" looooool.
0.5719 one of the biggest success of this type of policy was cash for clunkers.
0.5082 most losers like you love games.
0.504 http://www.ohio.com/news/local/ohio-bill-outlawing-marital-rape-gets-no-gop-support-again-1.749657?cache=18961415304345 feel good about yourself?

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-0.9515 We don't know." what's the difference? they hate women, hate anyone who isn't like them, love violence.
-0.8885 fuck off you dumbass gamer retard.
-0.8599 As the twat running my country would say, SAD!
-0.8481 Fuck off you worthless waste of space asswipe
-0.8402 Offended that someone insulted your pathetic "hobby"
-0.8316 in typical fashion an actual un-PC comment rather than some edgy racist bullshit is downvoted.
-0.8225 sorry sometimes idiotic comments make me slip into anger.
-0.8047 Sorry but the decent ones need to police that cancer
-0.7964 Stupid asswipes, I hate these people so much
-0.7906 Only a dumbass /r/metacanada retard would call Trudeau that.
-0.7845 lol go cry in your mom's basement you loser cunt
-0.7845 Fuck off gamer loser