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0.631 This is why publicly exposing yourself isn't a crime, because people are not locked in and are free to leave whenever they want.
0.6124 It was fairly mundane, but my wife did my make some homemade mac & cheese which is my favorite.
0.5859 I have definitely been to numerous parties where stuff like this has happened and while it's definitely sleazy and weird, I don't think it constitutes sexual violence.
0.5574 It looks better than female pattern hair loss, honestly.
0.552 Article also mentions most people being pretty upset and Trevor being forcibly removed from the party.
0.5385 I am pretty sure most reasonable people recognize that this problem effects boys/men as well as women, particularly in the context of reading about it happening to a boy.
0.5106 Per the Winnipeg Free Press:
0.4939 What you're describing is generally pretty centrist.
0.4877 So, there's still hope that your ex is recovering or has recovered.
0.4215 Facial hair often presents a food safety issue, a shaved head does not.
0.4173 I know quite a few men who have been victims of sex crimes, including a few in my family, so I am passionate about male victims getting help.

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-0.9336 As someone whose father abandoned their family after gross negligence and abuse, I have always felt really bad for Kurt's dad.
-0.8834 He was known to be an unhealthy eater and he used heroin and cough syrup, both of which can cause serious gastrointestinal distress.
-0.8519 There's data that suggests staying in a relationship in which you are unhappy has a negative impact on your health, and that women are more likely to be unhappy in their long-term relationships.
-0.8098 I've never heard that Don was abusive to Kurt, just that he was strict and not loving. This is kind of reiterated in the video you posted of Kim's MoH interview.
-0.7906 No, I've known a few women with TE and hair loss from PCOS that said 'fuck it' and shaved the hair they had remaining on their head.
-0.7845 As someone whose life has been affected by permanent brain damage, it is brutal for loved ones and ruins life.
-0.7269 This is a gross misrepresentation of facts.
-0.701 That doesn't make it any less ridiculous that a woman was fired for shaving her head despite the fact that she wore wigs when serving.
-0.6908 There are a number of reasons this could be, including societal pressures for us to keep our negative emotions bottled up.
-0.6705 Hence, the loss of a relationship with a high-quality mate 'hurts' more for a woman." So, according to this article, women invest more in relationships and are hit harder by post-relationship grief.
-0.6597 It doesn't affect your lifespan, doesn't lead to stomach or colorectal cancer, and doesn't cause intestinal blockages.
-0.6597 I'm sure there are a lot of female servers who wear wigs because female pattern hair loss exists, and it looks a lot worse than male pattern hair loss.