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0.7845 Punk music like this did not receive mainstream attention until bands that were palatable started gaining traction (ie.
0.743 Not to mention the fact that five years before Green Day played there Nirvana had played like 2 shows in total.
0.631 This is why publicly exposing yourself isn't a crime, because people are not locked in and are free to leave whenever they want.
0.6222 This is a natural side effect of it becoming more socially acceptable for women to attend post-secondary institutions and have careers.
0.6124 It was fairly mundane, but my wife did my make some homemade mac & cheese which is my favorite.
0.5859 I have definitely been to numerous parties where stuff like this has happened and while it's definitely sleazy and weird, I don't think it constitutes sexual violence.
0.5859 Nirvana played Raji's in '90, Green Day played there in '92.
0.5719 The success of Green Day and pop-punk had been brewing for a long time and happened separate to the whole mainstreaming of alternative that happened because of REM, Nirvana, Pearl Jam etc.
0.5719 There were a lot of bands signed because of the success of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, etc.
0.5719 I mean, Nirvana weren't even the first alternative band to have commercial success after moving from an indie to a major.
0.5574 It looks better than female pattern hair loss, honestly.

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-0.9661 She will also be several times more likely to attempt suicide, suffer from depression or anxiety, experience sexual assault or live in poverty.
-0.9485 Judges telling rape victims they could have just closed their legs or blaming the way victims were dressed, or defense lawyers trying to paint victims as slutty?
-0.9336 As someone whose father abandoned their family after gross negligence and abuse, I have always felt really bad for Kurt's dad.
-0.9132 I don't see why the burden would be on feminists to see both sides of the issue, particularly since statistically actual rapes are a more prevalent problem than false accusations.
-0.906 Rape is a complicated issue because it is often a he said, she said ordeal but it is incredibly traumatic for actual victims .
-0.8834 He was known to be an unhealthy eater and he used heroin and cough syrup, both of which can cause serious gastrointestinal distress.
-0.8519 There's data that suggests staying in a relationship in which you are unhappy has a negative impact on your health, and that women are more likely to be unhappy in their long-term relationships.
-0.8511 Unless you suggest that rape not be tried at all, there are few solutions that leave victims with a sense of closure, so it's difficult to deal with and have productive discussions about.
-0.8481 But sex crime conviction rates are on a downward trend which suggests the justice is failing victims of sexual assaults etc.
-0.8126 Green Day, The Offspring, Rancid, Sublime, Blink 182 etc).
-0.8098 I've never heard that Don was abusive to Kurt, just that he was strict and not loving. This is kind of reiterated in the video you posted of Kim's MoH interview.
-0.7906 No, I've known a few women with TE and hair loss from PCOS that said 'fuck it' and shaved the hair they had remaining on their head.