/u/bitter_one13 is kind of a dick.

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0.743 Gaining confidence from it's members that they give a shit about CCW holders of all varieties is a win in my book.
0.6124 its like 50 words, took like 30 seconds.
0.6031 Please either edit it to not be in violation of rule 1b, or file an appeal in modmail.
0.5473 I'll take two. And an O. LOL.
0.5256 A hunting rifle with a decent optic would have been more effective.
0.4404 Who are good guys with guns.
0.4263 I am one of the parties who determines that, not yourself. All further deliberation on this matter will be addressed in modmail.
0.4019 I thought that you were just engaged in really half-baked point scoring.
0.3252 Nothing in the post was incorrect or "garbage" Start with a lie, won't waste my time.
0.3252 Start with a lie, won't waste my time.
0.3182 And the cop for sure knew he had THC in his system when he pulled him over?

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-0.8225 Castille was trying to be compliant and given contradictory commands; never mind that the gun was not out yet and there was no hostile intent displayed.
-0.7845 Public relations where the NRA is rightfully being called out on a CCW holder being killed for having a gun.
-0.7579 Not technically a start with a lie, but I still have no inclination to waste my time.
-0.743 Colion Noir has outright called bullshit on this verdict, though. But I am disappointed that LaPierre hasn't come out against it, though.
-0.7003 It's not really remembering when it's an inaccurate recollection of events, is it? That's rhetorical, the answer is no and I forgot you are enough of a dumbass to think that's a real question.
-0.69 those psychologists who are being morally shamed into saying pedophilia are bad need your help, pedo gallileo!
-0.6808 He was presenting no danger .
-0.6124 They stopped the attack.
-0.6028 I know; I've been lurking here a minute and see that he isn't really the brightest.
-0.5994 They shot the shooter to death.
-0.5994 They shot the shooter to death.
-0.5719 That is patently wrong, I would miss /u/skragzilla