/u/bitter_one13 is kind of a dick.

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0.699 Surprised it wasn't called a bad shoot.
0.6597 I have determined that my statement is accurate and truthful.
0.6164 Yes, it does. Start with a lie, won't waste my time.
0.6114 Thanks for playing!
0.5859 Delightful.
0.5798 Otherwise, I promise to never respond to you if you didn't engage me first. Save this post, even!
0.5255 It's an effective policy with you, I can even use it here!
0.5106 be honest with yourself and the community for once.
0.4588 Glad to see you're getting that you have been BTFO. Fucking finally.
0.4404 But I'm flustering you at every turn, and that is a good thing.
0.4404 Who knows what I would say better?

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8439 What is that amateur hour shit, I had every obligation to turn it on you. Why are you so bad at this?
-0.7951 So you've failed to fuck off.
-0.7717 I see three replies from him when Strich starts shit, then he shuts up very quickly after Strich fucks off.
-0.7096 I hate your incessant braying, which will make having you stop all the much sweeter.
-0.6705 You try to leverage social pressure to force an opinion on a matter that interpersonal social pressure has no bearing on.
-0.6597 I'm abhorrent to people I loathe. Good.
-0.6597 Me or you. Hint: It's me, twat.
-0.5875 You aren't capable of honesty with me, and it's what someone who is right says whether the rest of you recognize it or not.
-0.5411 What a steal!
-0.5267 I MUST have been lying.
-0.5255 A shame. Godspeed, you black emperor!
-0.4588 These tactics will never change it, only convincing me I'm wrong will. And you're incapable of that.