/u/bitter_one13 is kind of a dick.

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0.8402 you have truly won over hearts and minds and your reputation here is finally redeemed Your input is worthless on my reputation either way. Remember your engagement on you trying to dogpile me?
0.8047 Not QUITE the same, but you have gained my attention. Thanks.
0.7579 It's fantastic, truly.
0.7269 hey-oooo Guns and electronics typically don't, so at least you're being technically true and honest.
0.6249 great work.
0.6249 /u/vegetarianrobots did a great write-up on this. https://archive.is/Tqna8
0.5574 It does apparently, what with you getting a massive false positive on it with me.
0.5093 People who matter in that same category: ....? Good talk!
0.4767 There are very few people who have any respect for you on any level.
0.4588 Oh, a giant of intellect smites me.
0.4404 And we're doing even better without you.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9246 But I consider Ghazi on it's way to the graveyard sub-reddit and ghazi is basically a default compared to your sub. So everyone who is sick of your shit is dead.
-0.91 You keep trying to call recognizing you and your ilk's bullshit stupid in the hope that said bullshit isn't going to be recognized. That seems stupid.
-0.8824 hell, even this one can't handle you. So I'm even killing this place?
-0.8689 Because you're an idiot who holds moderation in disdain because it puts a leash on you that you hate. You were scrambling to find any excuse to have me not keeping you in check.
-0.7506 Incorrect, I just waste time with you on a thread about Star Wars.
-0.7184 I made a fictional character sad :(
-0.7184 This is a statement from a stupid and uncurious mind that lives in an evidence-free bubble of it's own feelings because it is mentally incapable of rational inquiry.
-0.7096 Negative, what with no one leaking the logs.
-0.6908 No, I just have pattern recognition and think I should have you fuck off.
-0.6486 Incorrect, I just ignore your attempting to waste my time.
-0.5994 Ethnic cleansing usually involves infliction of violent force, and by Spencer specifying non-violence it becomes different enough to warrant a separate distinction.
-0.5859 Because you, again, hold moderating in contempt.