/u/bitter_one13 is kind of a dick.

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0.802 It's been 3 years, why haven't you found a new and better hobby beyond being repeatedly blown out by intellectual superiors?
0.7717 I'll win because I am better than you, nothing else.
0.7269 Yes, because their liberty is encroached.
0.6956 Don't feel bad, just get good.
0.6588 I have no interest in reading it, have fun!
0.6428 Sorry, dude; I have a surplus of every other day if you're interested, but all of my Saturdays are devoted to my full sets.
0.5859 There are different instances of culture accepting consent, even though we know people can want to rent a movie at 25, 15, and 5.
0.5719 I'm happy to discuss it in PMs.
0.4404 Try... Getting good.
0.431 There isn't, there is the statement that it isn't harm.
0.4019 Hopefully Arizona elects someone decent for his replacement.

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-0.9545 Lying about lying about lying about lying, then bleating the same made-up bullshit.
-0.9468 The defender of child rapists who is too weak to ever admit being wrong is, in fact, a dishonest piece of shit.
-0.8183 Half the antis that your bullshit was pointed out to outright condemned you and the other just couldn't muster the energy.
-0.8176 There is no scenario where you don't come out as disgusting and vile. Yeah there is.
-0.7906 Just everyone who isn't a morally bereft brain damaged shithead.
-0.7783 Lying about lying, classic AoM.
-0.765 What the fuck is wrong with you?
-0.6979 I can get schaudenfreude in general, but McCain does not seem like a good target for it.
-0.6486 I've been a bit annoyed with people mocking this and John McCain's stuff.
-0.5864 Because it's a lie you need to propagate? CC: /u/armac20 , can you help AoM learn wanting strangers on the internet to kill themselves isn't a sign of emotional maturity?
-0.5719 Pahahahaha you're pathetic.
-0.5574 Why do you need to make shit up?