/u/bit_pron is a total dick!

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0.8777 hahaha you fucking win this one ha
0.8268 haha jokes on you because men are considered more sexy if their balls are long and hangy
0.6249 good stable family setting to raise kids
0.6249 great marriage.
0.6124 Pretty hot if you like girls who look like they need to quit heroin and eat a sandwich.
0.5988 Reminds me of this book I saw about how to get rich without working hard.
0.5859 wow that's a creepy comment
0.4927 Logged in just to tell you that's fucking funny
0.4902 Shit's so fuckin good.
0.4754 Very helpful for whoring
0.4588 He goes on about not working more than necessary and then uses himself as an example because he only worked 4 hours a day and made this book that you just bought haha

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8439 "ahaha I can't put on pants because I purposefully get them stuck under my ass and I'm fucking dumb"
-0.836 They convulse as a fake response to excite you retarded faggots.
-0.8176 Those fake ass tits are about to pop.
-0.8126 Gross whore
-0.7906 Would fuck in the ass / 10
-0.7783 you dumb bastard
-0.7351 Are you guys blind to how bad these implants are?
-0.7013 I hate condoms so much that I don't even like watching other people have sex with one on.
-0.6808 I know how this sub works, but it's still stupid.
-0.6418 Hahah nobody says"my calvins" hahahah that's so dumb
-0.6369 anything ASMR = faggots
-0.6299 sorry skank but i ain't here to suck up to you like these lonely faggot wizards