/u/bit_pron is kind of a dick.

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0.8268 haha jokes on you because men are considered more sexy if their balls are long and hangy
0.8018 Not really but you clearly like over dramatic circle-jerk
0.6249 good stable family setting to raise kids
0.6249 great marriage.
0.5859 I have a strong feeling you guys are fugly.
0.5859 wow that's a creepy comment
0.5719 perfect breast implants pick one
0.4927 It's really easy to buy and install a different one.
0.4927 Logged in just to tell you that's fucking funny
0.4902 Shit's so fuckin good.
0.4404 dang she orgasms easy.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8442 for fucks sake why are you white knighting in a shitty jerk off website?
-0.8439 "ahaha I can't put on pants because I purposefully get them stuck under my ass and I'm fucking dumb"
-0.836 They convulse as a fake response to excite you retarded faggots.
-0.8126 Gross whore
-0.7369 This kinda sounds sad and makes me imagine this kid whose parents punish him for needing to masturbate
-0.7013 I hate condoms so much that I don't even like watching other people have sex with one on.
-0.6964 doesn't help that she has 0 ass.
-0.6908 The "rape me" dress
-0.6808 I know how this sub works, but it's still stupid.
-0.6597 you're a faggot
-0.6418 Hahah nobody says"my calvins" hahahah that's so dumb
-0.6369 anything ASMR = faggots