/u/bill41123 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9022 Seeing your exquisite body is a pleasure, tasting your sweetness would be euphoric.
0.9022 Love the way they hug your amazing curves.
0.8977 You and your amazing body and fun spirit have been truly missed as well!
0.8818 It might not be fun, but it sure is sexy when you do it like this!
0.8427 You're so beautiful, fun, and sexy--head-to-toes!
0.8402 That light is hitting your curves and skin just right to highlight their true beauty.
0.8398 Happy birthday, gorgeous!
0.836 It would be an honor and a privilege to taste your sweetness.
0.8172 I'm ready to kiss it all better after those spankings!
0.8074 Beautiful, sexy, seductive art.
0.8039 So far so good, need a better view for a proper ASSessment.

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.784 No need to kill, that look will get you anything you want!
-0.7574 Not a bad problem to have!
-0.636 Willing to die trying!
-0.4574 If you ever lose or break your selfie stick, I hereby volunteer to take its place!
-0.4003 Cant argue with facts!
-0.3612 The mess looks yummier than any brownie I've ever had.
-0.3182 Boredom and you cannot even be in the same thought.
0.0 The look on Minnie's face says it all.
0.0 Those eyes.
0.0 Fantasstic!
0.0 Your sex is so hot!
0.0 Gladly...without even using my hands!