/u/big_t2100 is very positive!

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0.9321 Here's to you guys having a great 2017 and sharing much more with us redditors.....Woot Woot!!! Cheers!!!
0.9126 Thanks for sharing and more pretty please!!!
0.9037 Dear /u/remymcgee, thank you for sharing the pics in your history....Very sexy!!!
0.8856 Please do...Would really love to live vicariously through you guys doing some fun things!
0.8805 Thanks for sharing, really love the content you guys provide.
0.877 Great work!!! She's sounds amazing!!
0.8713 Dear /u/Sum_basic_betch, thank you for making the SF area even more beautiful than it already currently is!!
0.8674 I dunno why, but I think its awesome.....probably because it shows that the girl is genuinely interested in being eager to please.
0.8594 YES, that is the best!!!
0.8591 Amazing, like the other legions of fans out there.....Really enjoy your work.
0.8555 Love it and I love this girl....funny that she was a lesbian.

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-0.7339 Oh hell yes.....gotta see it!!
-0.6801 God damn letters....kinda really hate @rpstrength right now
-0.6103 Stupid letters!!
-0.5851 Of course Cheerleading is a sport and who doesnt love the "Cheerleader fantasy" [Yoga????]
-0.5696 OMG, these would give me a heart attack!!
-0.5574 If no video, at least let us get a pic of where they shoot it on you.
-0.5267 Insert stupid crossfit jokes..... How's her snatch?
-0.4724 Saw this on snapchat too....It made me stop and look closer!!!
-0.4724 Excitement is killing me!!!
-0.3865 Come to think of it, I have some expensive strip club stories....but nothing really good. I wanna know where this local club is that moonlights as a brothel, and is it anywhere near San Francisco.
-0.3769 This is AMAZE-balls!!! I am in my cube at work with my jaw dropped and a boner to hide.
-0.3034 But I underatand if you arent comfortable sharing the video just yet. Those two guys are really lucky by the way, you are smoking hot!