/u/bfowens is very positive!

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0.9716 Just found your posts and I just wanted to say WOW! Love a hot woman who shares her love of lingerie and sexy smile! Looking forward to much more of you!
0.9538 Someone was blessed with some riches and I'm not talking about the $$ :) Love the smile, really makes your shine!
0.9041 I love a curvy woman, and you fit the bill perfectly!
0.8906 Pants optional Friday sounds like a winner to me! You look downright delicious!
0.8553 Well I sure hope its sunny a lot if I am going to be your neighbor!
0.8519 :) Sexy and classy at the same time...
0.8436 Wow... This is a great set, so sexy!
0.8427 You have incredible taste in lingerie, and set like this where you show it off in detail are very hot! Thanks for sharing!
0.8313 You guys have a great eye for sexy shots!
0.8293 Some really lovely and sexy teasing shots in this!
0.8268 Wow, you look fantastic in this set!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.4574 Damn, now I can't pinch you!
-0.4389 I bet you were a distraction at the mall!
-0.4003 I think I might accidentally bump into you from behind!
-0.4003 I'd have to find a way to shoot you a lot!
-0.3802 That is a heck of a tease of a picture!
-0.296 I see no green...
-0.1027 Getting up is hard, especially after this whole daylight savings thing....
-0.0572 Who wouldn't want to volunteer?
0.0 I know something else that went all the way up!
0.0 How is this view with only the thigh highs?
0.0 You seem to know just how to make Monday mornings a thing to look forward too!
0.0 That would be quite the view!