/u/bfowens is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9411 Wow, great look on you when it's on, looks better off! Looking sexy!
0.8955 Love a classic beauty like you!
0.8858 Good gracious you have a fantastic body!
0.8832 Classic beauty and good lighting makes for fun photos!
0.8588 Looks like fun and you look fabulous!
0.8439 :) You are looking absolutely tanned and toned and ready for fun!
0.8356 :) lucky lucky man!
0.8316 :) Will we get to see the post wedding party festivities?
0.8268 I do love this side of you my friend!
0.8122 :) Looking great!
0.8122 :) Looking great!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.7088 now this is a hell of a necklace!
-0.521 Can't win them all!
-0.4664 I myself need lots of ideas after this crazy week of mine!
-0.4574 G Naked = One hell of a good day!
-0.3404 Its almost do darn hot to cuddle, but I'd make the sacrifice for you.... I can't guarantee there wouldn't be something poking you tho!
-0.296 no where is there?
-0.2828 Damn hot here too, but you make it hotter!
-0.2244 I must have been distracted by the fine lady in the shot!
0.0 I think you achieved your goal!
0.0 How did that conversation come up?
0.0 My head would turn and one other head would jump to attention!
0.0 Roll around and up that on my face!