/u/bfowens is very positive!

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0.9672 Looking great, but love the laughter the best!
0.891 Love your style and lingerie, and how you can go from sexy to downright naughty :)
0.8858 This sounds like a win win type of deal! So you are wanting the full body feel up technique right?
0.8777 Nothing like a good Agent smile to make any day better!
0.8718 Was my favorite to play and I love sitting at the ballpark watching a game!
0.8687 Goodness you are truly fantastic looking!
0.8622 :) Hope you are having a sexy morning!
0.8555 I am pretty sure if I was in the yurt next door, I would be trying to observe the beautiful "landscape"
0.8313 Pretty sure with you, this would be my favorite view too!
0.8283 You look like you were trying to make a sexy pursed lips look at first, then couldn't keep a straight face and busted out laughing!
0.8172 :) Love these shots!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.4003 You have my mind distracted with images if you!
-0.2631 So you really really didn't want my Friday before the weekend to be productive!
0.0 Same here, going to be in the pool all weekend!
0.0 I'm down with this plan!
0.0 Am I too late?
0.0 Madam Agent I second this motion!!
0.0 How would we ever tell the temp?
0.0 Mission accomplished...
0.0 That and why I had to have headphones on!
0.0 Something something eye contact... You are looking perky this morning!
0.0 We might need to hear more of this new side of you!