/u/bfowens is very positive!

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0.9459 This reminds me of some of those great paintings by the masters... Beautiful curvy woman, good light and great cleavage!
0.9134 What a sexy set of shots, beautiful curves and great light!
0.8829 Looks like you have the basics down! Pretty sure you have lots of volunteers to help keep you covered, tho it might result in some wetness elsewhere!
0.8802 Looks like you made a good choice! Love your stuff!
0.8715 Love a woman with curves! You look great!
0.8567 Keep your core warm but the rest unencumbered... Of course your outfit looks perfect, lots of access to very important parts!
0.8516 Wow, I would love to see more of you in and out of this!
0.8268 Love a good Pimm's Cup, but you might be better!
0.8221 Super sexy!
0.8172 You look like you would be fun to play with!
0.8165 Your pussy looked mighty plump and juicy and the rest of you looked beautiful! Working all week makes those weekends all the more special!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.4574 You look damn hot!
-0.4003 This is just crazy hot!
-0.3417 You two are so tricky! Now how are we going to get this collaboration to happen in real life?
-0.2263 Why would anyone just want to stop at one?
-0.2244 Not going to worry about a thing except for making sure I get to stay!
-0.1761 Its like we speak the same kind of dirty language.
-0.1739 Damn this is sexy as hell! By the way, you have got the whole package going on, those legs are amazing!
-0.1531 Hmmm guess I am good having my perverted side out there...
-0.126 I think I am just going to leave this on repeat and watch it all day!
-0.1007 Well he doesn't know what he missed out on!
-0.0772 A blessing and a curse eh?
0.0 Oh and totally the art side of it too!