/u/benni251985 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9074 Thank you for sharing, I hope we'll get to see more of you, beautiful lady.
0.875 I'd love to play with you, sexy lady.
0.8591 I'm sure we find a fun way to relax ;-)
0.8126 I'd love to give you a hand.
0.8126 I wouldn't mind such PMs ;-) And I'd be happy to return the favor.
0.8126 You look gorgeous and sexy
0.8126 A perfect woman with a perfect scenery.
0.802 I just love how naughty you are and am glad you keep posting.
0.8016 I'd love to help!
0.7995 Sure we want more of that gorgeous body!
0.7964 What a great body and cute face

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5719 Why do you hate your boobs?
-0.5423 Too bad you're on skype.
-0.5423 You're right, I'd fuck her all day long.
-0.4215 I'd love to grab that ass and fuck her.
-0.296 Who would say no to that?
-0.296 Rather prude education, sometimes still no co-education meets youporn as Sex ed
-0.2263 Such a good slut.
-0.1027 If got something hard for you.
0.0 Don't be to conscious about the scars.
0.0 It's not morning anymore in Europe, but I am.
0.0 That's so hot!
0.0 You should paint glittery hearts around your nipples