/u/beefhash is kind of a dick.

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0.7574 %0D%0DMy issue is...). Have a good one! *** Kudos for the readable post, though.
0.7506 is all okay. I hope that helps.
0.7088 %0D%0DMy issue is...). Have a good one! *** It's a support question, after all.
0.6908 Congrats. That said, please refer to rule 4.1 in future .
0.6705 Reporter, I think your wish is going to come true.
0.6696 %0D%0DMy issue is...). Have a good one! *** If you have concerns about individual programs or websites, please contact the program's author.
0.636 Nice, you solved your own issue!
0.6124 I hope that brightens your day, clearly you must've had a terrible one.
0.6114 Returning to /r/3dshacks isn't going to happen, I'm afraid. It makes me happy that one of the first things people did was ask about me, though!
0.5859 I think this thread is large enough that I can make a mod response to [this charming reporter]: Thing is...
0.5705 %0D%0DMy issue is...). Have a good one! *** Since this is a pretty niche question, if the Q&A thread yields nothing, feel free to repost this.

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-0.8442 [This anonymous guy called me a faggot and told me to die] and all you can muster is telling me that you hate me?
-0.6259 If the Q&A thread yields nothing useful, feel free to repost this.
-0.5719 Suddenly all your speed ups accumulate and you're playing "Running in the 90s" while multi-track crying, helplessly crashing into everything in the room.
-0.5719 I haven't been getting as much hate mail as I expected anyway. Oh, and, Mr.
-0.5267 Copyright violations are not permitted.
-0.5267 Specifically: * Rule 4.5: "No clickbait." There is no code in the repository.
-0.5267 Specifically: * Rule 3.4: "Illegitimate copies and other copyright violations are not permitted.
-0.4981 In particular, this forbids: Openly admitting to copyright violations or promoting them." Want a more instant/interactive response?
-0.4404 I apologize, but unfortunately, moderators cannot move posts and comments around. Have you considered using a computer to do the copy/paste?
-0.4019 You see the problem, I presume.
-0.4019 Could you maybe provide the ***full* error codes**?
-0.3903 Hi there, /u/WeededDragon1! Thank you for asking your question on /r/3dshacks, but unfortunately I've had to remove your post because it breaks our rules.