/u/bawiedrich is very positive!

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0.9315 I actually laughed at the end XD top hats can definitely be a rude dude sometimes but talking with him is a much different story, I like the guy but that video was well done :)
0.9047 :D til then I wish you the best!
0.8491 it's closer now than it was :D I'm ready to play!
0.8074 There have been but they aren't made for our hobbies XD
0.8016 I wish you the best with your channel!
0.7925 haha yeah XD I heard this statement in my discord and had to type it down
0.784 You guys are awesome thank you!
0.7798 I will think on this one :D thank you!
0.7798 :D Thank you!
0.7756 fix the cables XD but nice man!
0.7644 hahahahaha glad you enjoyed yourself!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6124 My heart </3
-0.5383 Yeah I don't like some of the mods on PCMR, they are so strict over dumb things sometimes.
-0.4767 Too selfish for me.
-0.4574 If you ever jump into my discord or something, let muttley or myself know who you are so i can talk with ya!
-0.4215 This guy is a waste of time
-0.3832 that is kinda sucky man
-0.3683 And I posted this from a subscribers comment that I thought was so dumb it was almost clever
-0.1511 awww sorry!
-0.1027 Screw activation.
-0.0601 man you gottas justs goe wif da flow around here ;) IDK man...
0.0 Hahahaha maybe someday!
0.0 Amazing!!!!