/u/bawiedrich is very positive!

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0.9571 I agree, I think trolls deserve torment but I would like to inform them before anything else :D well said friend!
0.8656 the card may not run at optimal performance but that just means that one day when you upgrade, you'll already have a nice card :D
0.8506 sorry XD post it to imgur and send the link :D
0.8151 He is adorable but he is a jerk, Sheridan is much better, kinder, playful, henry is annoying.
0.784 You guys are awesome thank you!
0.7798 I will think on this one :D thank you!
0.7756 fix the cables XD but nice man!
0.765 hahaha paypal :)
0.7644 hahahahaha glad you enjoyed yourself!
0.7579 hahaha thanks
0.7579 Please, add me on twitter, https://twitter.com/bawiedrich I'd like to be able to help you through this.

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-0.8625 It is going to make you feel much worse than the h pylori does :/ going through this was the worst part of my life.
-0.5014 I can't wait :D
-0.4215 This guy is a waste of time
-0.2225 Oh sorry for not updating!!
-0.1513 you could also email me at bawiedrich@gmail.com I am very sorry to hear you are going through this man.
-0.1511 awww sorry!
-0.1027 Screw activation.
0.0 Mr.NoobtubeGamer
0.0 I will make a video!
0.0 potentially....
0.0 My name is in here too many times!
0.0 I will see if I can get it working!