/u/bawiedrich is very positive!

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0.9047 I will definitely help him out with his channel :D Thank you for the idea!
0.8993 oh my god this was one of the most well written sob letters I have ever read XD Thank you haha and I am sorry I am such a scum.
0.8891 http://www.emulator-zone.com/ mechanical keyboards are more responsive and feel better but I don't personally like razer, I would go corsair or logitech or someone else :) Happy hunting!
0.8656 the card may not run at optimal performance but that just means that one day when you upgrade, you'll already have a nice card :D
0.8564 awwwww hahaha I will make another as the mail piles up man :D no worries, I think i got yours actually :) Thank you!
0.8172 I am glad you love my content!
0.802 yeah essentially I was asking everyone if they think I should take the 9/11 videos down and most said keep them :) it was a short questions vid :)
0.7739 oh geez XD yeah get me on twitter @bawiedrich pester me until I add you back
0.7734 https://twitter.com/bawiedrich add me here and reply to me here with your account so i can add you back and message you :D I am excited for this man!
0.7672 I'm no fun XD
0.7672 Oh my god I didn't even notice that XD

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-0.8765 It was my profile actually but instagram thought it was a fraud account so they deleted it :( I am fixing that now
-0.7351 In order, the worst settings are, low fov, motion blur and vsync.
-0.6597 the mean greens, gang beasts, primal carnage, killing floor 2, rocket league.
-0.5819 I am very sorry :( how can I make it up to you?
-0.5707 Cuz I suggest going to the store, buying a 200 dollar desktop and throwing a 1050 in that sucker!
-0.5595 It'll never happen again XD
-0.4019 It has been getting annoying
-0.3642 Well it's not for everyone XD
-0.296 I have no idea what I would do actually...
-0.2924 hahahaha I solved the problem!!
-0.2641 it wasn't a fake XD
-0.2228 I am very sorry to hear that!