/u/ballon00 is very positive!

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47Positive Score
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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9542 DAM sweet heart you are so lovely every inch of you is perfect sweet like candy!
0.8652 Sweet view !I could relax and enjoy that view for days!
0.8588 Good job sweet heart I enjoyed the show!
0.8588 Your beautiful sweetheart !
0.8356 Happy birthday beautiful!
0.8313 Amazing art on a perfect body!
0.8268 Why yes thanks for sharing!
0.8122 Sweet view awesome first pic !
0.8007 Much prettier as a blond in my opinion!both are very pretty !
0.7834 Your beautiful and have an amazing body what's not to like I'll trade you l!
0.7777 Yes if you in joy posting!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.6588 Sweet ass shitty video IMO!
-0.5983 Sell that shit it's everywhere he'll get another one just saying !
-0.5983 Swollow that shit !
-0.3274 Sad but very hot body!
-0.2003 That sweet ass would get more then a spank!
-0.2003 Dam that is a sweet ass!
-0.2003 Sweet ass !
0.0 I don't get the point?
0.0 Let's make some sparks!
0.0 You and me both!
0.0 Can I try it on!
0.0 Wip and ride!