/u/badmankelpthief is kind of a dick.

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0.8281 It's pretty clear that you type like this for the attention you get from it, I'm not going to bother anymore because this is fucking stupid lol
0.7579 Ok thanks m8
0.7269 Wow that's original
0.7269 Oh trust me I have, my ex was sectioned twice lol
0.6705 You used to be able get the talismans with the magazines, they were pretty cool
0.5905 Pretty sure they aren't straight
0.5081 You're so special and unique aren't you!
0.476 Snoop has his own weed growers and is fully linked up in the cannabis community, he's not paying street price lol, he probably doesn't even pay for it
0.4588 How did you not know monkeys are intelligent?
0.4549 Not really, it's clearly a Wikipedia link
0.4404 It's not really a random combination at all, sounds good to me

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-0.9431 Fuck off you stupid little cunt, your channel is shit, nobody wants to watch a squeaky little child playing games badly.
-0.7947 Youre the most annoying bitch
-0.7721 Murdering children isn't good judgement.
-0.7189 This is shit, nowhere near better every loop
-0.7184 Why the fuck to people like this retard?
-0.7109 It's dead, it isn't going to make a comeback, this is fucking stupid lol
-0.6662 He can sue the fuck out of them for this right????
-0.6387 But also I think everyone seems to think I am taking this way more seriously than I actually am, I literally couldn't give less of a fuck
-0.6249 That's the worst example of an M roach, just buy a pack of filter card and roll a whole strip at a time
-0.6124 No, this will not become a widely used thing ever again, just like people arent going to suddenly start speaking Latin again, it's a dead language.
-0.6124 He's a cringy racist
-0.6115 Youre fucking retarded aren't you