/u/badmankelpthief is kind of a dick.

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0.7717 Pretty sure it's a joke
0.7506 I love the scent of a nice stiff cock
0.7269 I do enjoy my country though thanks
0.7096 It's pretty hilarious though
0.5927 I don't know why but this comment cracked me up, thanks for that
0.5859 Wow generic names
0.5719 The smell of a delicious McChicken
0.5423 There's loads of context here, he is clearly playing drums...
0.4939 I use them pretty heavily daily and I'd reccomend the powerex batteries then man, they are inexpensive
0.4939 Pretty obviously isn't shopped..
0.4927 And if you're smoking really good weed of course it's going to be sticky, even after curing.

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-0.93 In some countries or states, it's illegal to own a firearm, so if you're a citizen and you defend yourself with a handgun, you're still fucked for shooting somebody with an illegal weapon
-0.8176 Should have threw the bag of shit in the cunts face
-0.813 What a stupid little fucker
-0.8093 It truly is sad to see the results of all the inbreeding, but that women doesn't look so bad, give her a break.
-0.7845 You're just wrong mate no need to get upset
-0.7783 No you lost you idiot
-0.7089 Stop pouting you fucking loser
-0.7003 Stop trying to justify a shitty unnecessary post
-0.6486 Yeah but it's shit bush weed
-0.6249 Shut the fuck up lol, do you realise how stupid you sound
-0.624 You said the post was removed when it's clearly still up, how am I wrong you fucking retard?
-0.5859 Wtf that's all stem and it's barely ground