/u/badmankelpthief is kind of a dick.

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0.8126 I enjoy my freedom
0.7269 Can't you see that you are clearly schizophrenic and you have delusions of grandeur.
0.7096 Tis but a joke m8
0.6983 See, it's so much easier when you spell it correctly and people can clearly see what you are trying to say.
0.6808 You're clearly stupid enough to even entertain the idea of a flat earth when you are typing sentences like "questions from people who is as curious as I do".
0.6249 That's awesome
0.6124 Lol ok mate, il wait for an insect not native to my county to swarm me.
0.6124 They seem to be effectively ensuring homeostasis and the viability of her human body.
0.5867 And don't worry this has been screen capped and is being shared all over reddit
0.5859 Wow u can see 's child's underwear..
0.4939 Aesop and ASAP are pretty obviously different words

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8957 All the cunts posting these stupid threads are just as bad as TD users.
-0.8807 Do some research before chatting shit you stupid cunt
-0.8425 A spelling mistake on my phone is a bit different from intentionally typing like a fucking idiot using a dead language tool
-0.8316 The burden of proof is on you, you crazy fuck, nobody else.
-0.7783 Throwing hot water on someone is a long ass time in prison
-0.7717 Shut the fuck up you pedo cunt
-0.765 Who gives a fuck, it was an accident and it's a rabbit.
-0.7645 Is that some kind of insult you think is offensive?
-0.7328 Fucking crazy cunt
-0.7184 Can you fuck off with the trump/anti trump spam.
-0.6124 Lol shut the fuck up you idiot, speak English to me or don't respond
-0.5709 What is the game you fucking retard, how many people need to ask.