/u/babyoll is a total dick!

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0.6956 But people aren't born bad people, people are inherently good, so there is a reason somewhere down the line
0.6808 He definitely left the burger place in LA better off than before.
0.6705 That's the acceptance speech though, it's supposed to be like that.
0.6369 It's the best episode of all time
0.6369 He ended up paying all of the money to people who didn't think it was the best burger, and the store got a ton of publicity.
0.6369 That's like saying Hillary isn't corrupt because her speech today was genuinely in support of Trump.
0.5859 You're going to let the GOP win instead of her?
0.5574 We should be trying to heal the divides together that this election helped create and be able to meet in the middle like this.
0.5175 He has policies like cutting extreme taxes on the rich which have been proven not to help out.
0.5095 Hey lawrence you are really cute bud on the outside and inside.
0.4404 This is good

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-0.8519 damn you're a sad ass fanboy
-0.7906 So, the real history seems to be slavery, and now that we live in a 50 state union there's no reason to have some people's vote count more than others with the electoral college.
-0.7902 These kinds of posts depress me so bad, because you are so delusional on how the world really works.
-0.7717 lol you're a fag EDIT: dumb fag
-0.7351 No there's a lot of proof he's racist.
-0.7269 Lowering taxes and raising government spending has always been a disaster.
-0.7269 Damn that's hurtful
-0.7096 Harriet Tubman looking ass gun
-0.6908 Fuck you nerd
-0.6908 shut up nerd ass
-0.6705 You paranoid as fuck
-0.6705 Nah, it's the worst episode