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0.8979 I love Okuyasu and Polnareff, best supports <3.
0.8442 I'm fully aware of this, I've enjoyed it myself with Melee on Anther's ladder, but like how InfamousLuffy pointed out, I'm lacking a powerful enough computer atm to do so.
0.8429 I did in fact draw inspiration from Samurai Champloo, so yeah you're in the right ballpark lol.
0.8268 Glad you like it, thanks!
0.8173 Oh man, that's awesome, check out my drawing of ram: http://i.imgur.com/ZwXelJI.png Jokes aside, really well done.
0.802 Was super fun to make too.
0.7346 Amazing stuff, really well done.
0.7345 Thanks, glad you do!
0.6989 That's fucking glorious!
0.6946 I'd agree, but Boom is significantly more active than Isai.
0.6808 Thanks, I appreciate the feedback.

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-0.685 Oh no, he wasn't ready lol.
-0.4939 Well Killer Queen has a B in speed, so...
-0.4215 But sadly it seems highly unlikely itll ever happen.
-0.3612 Shite, alright my bad.
-0.34 A one frame mistake on Hbox' behalf.
-0.34 Remove landing lag on spacies lasers.
-0.25 I had learned how to L cancel with Link as a kid.
-0.2481 Holy shit, thanks!
-0.1045 Really good stuff, holy shit.
-0.09 Hell yeah Capdown, haven't kept up with them for a while. Definitely close but not exactly there.
-0.0572 Wouldn't doubt that lol.
0.0 This is really quite something.