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0.8979 I love Okuyasu and Polnareff, best supports <3.
0.8442 I'm fully aware of this, I've enjoyed it myself with Melee on Anther's ladder, but like how InfamousLuffy pointed out, I'm lacking a powerful enough computer atm to do so.
0.8429 I did in fact draw inspiration from Samurai Champloo, so yeah you're in the right ballpark lol.
0.8173 Oh man, that's awesome, check out my drawing of ram: http://i.imgur.com/ZwXelJI.png Jokes aside, really well done.
0.802 Was super fun to make too.
0.7346 Amazing stuff, really well done.
0.7345 Thanks, glad you do!
0.701 I figured as much, I just used the translation of "yes" because I find it humorous, it's kind of a play on words on the taunt Kirby does as well.
0.6989 That's fucking glorious!
0.6946 I'd agree, but Boom is significantly more active than Isai.
0.6808 Thanks, I appreciate the feedback.

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-0.685 Oh no, he wasn't ready lol.
-0.4939 Well Killer Queen has a B in speed, so...
-0.4215 But sadly it seems highly unlikely itll ever happen.
-0.34 Remove landing lag on spacies lasers.
-0.296 He lagged out, not intentional disconnect.
-0.2732 Ah, I read it in that context, my bad :p
-0.25 I had learned how to L cancel with Link as a kid.
-0.2481 Holy shit, thanks!
-0.09 Hell yeah Capdown, haven't kept up with them for a while. Definitely close but not exactly there.
-0.0572 Wouldn't doubt that lol.
0.0 You can find me on both deviantart and tumblr DA: http://ba-yo.deviantart.com/ Tumblr: http://ba-yo.tumblr.com/
0.0 It's my take on incense.