/u/ayahuasca_ is a total dick!

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0.8271 Just want to drop a link to /r/top_mains as it was created recently and provides valuable information about top champs l, matchups and top lane basics in general.
0.743 Have fun :)
0.6486 Sounds like a difference between having some generic stuff to give out when it fits and you notice others congratulating and organizing a stalkers calendar to seem nice
0.5106 Reddit is fun tho
0.4939 Didn't work for my friend, gifted teemo to him and they wouldn't remove it
0.4404 Nothing better than a little competition between the brothers, dont you think so?
0.4019 Merkels party, the CDU is center-right in germany.
0.3491 I can do the first but I can't be bothered with the latter
0.296 Also complicated by limited champ access
0.1531 yeah but hes getting hit with 7.3
0.0 **BRCKE BAUEN** zu benachteiligten macht nur **UNSER INKLUSIVER GOTTEMPERATOR**

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-0.9136 Darth Erdo war ein Autokrat der Dner so Mchtig and so weise, er konnte die Whler nutzen um die Verfassung zu beeinflussen um ...Befugnisse zu generieren.
-0.9136 Darth Martin war ein Dunkler Lord der Sozen so Mchtig and so weise, er konnte die Hohe Energie nutzen um die Whler zu beeinflussen um ...Stimmen zu generieren.
-0.9047 You wouldnt call that ass out for his cloth but for being a racist dickhead in that case, his way of expressing that isnt that relevant.
-0.8316 Ist schon der Plan, prinzipiell gabs ja auch die Vorabklausuren und mit den 11 in Geschichte und Info war ich schon zufrieden.
-0.8316 Er hatte solch ein Wissen von der Autokratie, er konnte selbst die Macht die ihm etwas bedeutete...vor dem Tod bewahren.
-0.8316 Er hatte solch ein Wissen von der Dunklen Seite, er konnte selbst die Partei die ihm etwas bedeutete...vor dem Tod bewahren.
-0.8316 Other horable mentions are "Die Linken" and "B90 Die Grnen" , both on the left side of the spectrum.
-0.7845 As /u/normalnavi titled it, its kind of an IQ test, if they try to fight you and let you get 2 or 3 stacks before running and having you use your E, they're dead.
-0.7717 Mach mir da also nicht wirklich Stress, zumindest fr die Erste Klausur bekomm ich den Schlafrhythmus auch nicht mehr kaputt.
-0.7469 CSGO Overwatch has its flaws, too, but also a big difference: Its used to identify blatant cheaters and griefers, like locking on enemy models through the walls or spinning afk to not get autokicked.
-0.6652 Got a Nexus 5X on 7.0 but feel to dumb to find the setting atm