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0.875 Not free right now but my app CouchQuiz usually goes free over the holidays.
0.8646 Thanks so much for sharing u/p3u1, sorry to hear about your mothers issues. Be sure to let us know if you encounter any issues or if you have any specific topic requests that might help.
0.8481 Was awesome and met a bunch of great people I still chat to today.
0.8442 Would love to hear of any other sources I could dig into or anyone interested in helping out with some science.
0.8402 Awesome, will definitely head over there soon and share.
0.8221 Awesome, enjoy!
0.802 The Sunrise/Sunset times are also displayed along the bottom, an obvious omission I had left out in v1.0. I would love to hear any feedback :)
0.802 I would love to hear any feedback :)
0.802 :) The next version which is nearly ready for submission has support for uploading photos, plots the Aurora forecast onto the map and the solar terminator.
0.802 Would love any feedback :)
0.8016 Currently chatting to the super clever folks at sunsetwx.com!

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-0.5423 Ended a game last night with 33 kills with the next player on 7.
-0.4939 Actually had a game the other day where it got the vehicle cap and wouldn't let me spawn until one had been destroyed.
-0.4767 Shame that Gigabit is advertised as available in the particular complex of it isnt possible to get equivalent speeds.
-0.34 Been looking into adding difficulty levels in future updates.
-0.34 Thought I was going crazy.
-0.296 Apparently no stock until 2nd week of January now.
-0.2263 Some of the topics are limited so dupes can happen.
0.0 Will post some speed test results later.
0.0 Cat 7 upgrade on the way tomorrow.
0.0 Did overhear a technician say theres lots of noise locally.
0.0 Pushed out a beta 1 for Android.
0.0 If you signed up you should have mail.