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0.9628 I am an A+ certified technician who would be happy to answer any questions you have to the best of my abilities and help you make the best decision for you :)
0.9441 I've heard this was a good game but I never got to play it, wish me luck guys and good luck to everyone who enters!
0.9405 This was super basic but if you want me to explain more then please feel free to reply and ask :)
0.9403 Good luck to everyone who enters and I hope your friend wins.
0.9117 Oh yay I love Bastion's click and play adventure!
0.9022 I've heard a lot of good things about this game and hope the 5 winners will enjoy it.
0.891 If you would like my help, I am an A+ certified technician who would be happy to help you fix this issue.
0.8869 Passed 3/4 exams so I'm happy, good luck dude!
0.8748 If you can't afford the upgrade, that build should still be fine :) Good luck building!
0.8748 If you have any questions feel free to PM me, I am an A+ certified technician who would be happy to help!
0.857 Love your RAM choice, but the same set at 3200MHZ is only $99 on [Amazon] right now :D faster for cheaper! 4.

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-0.7964 Oh shit I'm bad at those...
-0.6901 I would be even more pissed if I didn't have the 3000 credits I needed to just buy the damn skin.
-0.6808 That's why they forced me to give him my Live account and why they don't yell at him when they are home during his screaming.
-0.6249 Oh man I know how that feels, last year I took 4 AP's and it was brutal.
-0.608 I ended up running the update as fast as I could and when the whole thing was done my poor 6600k was throttling so hard and was still reporting 100 C.
-0.5423 But seriously good job, that wasn't just holding left click in one spot the whole time, you actually jumped down and got behind them for the team kill.
-0.5413 I am very mad about that.
-0.5106 What did Marie Antoinette scream to the rebel?
-0.4939 I quickly slashed my arm, screamed and said he scratched me...
-0.4588 I didn't realize how much the website had changed until this question forced me to look it up.
-0.4019 At first glance I see the problem, he has an i5-7600 and is using an H110 motherboard.
-0.4015 uhh here it goes There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don't 1999, Thanks op!