/u/astroboy_16x is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9577 I'm tall skinny and love hanging out with friends very easy going I live in the us and love a good chat!
0.836 Wow it looks great
0.8042 I know this older post but I absolutely love this picture
0.7964 I would love a good shower.
0.7901 Oh my gosh wow they just keep getting better!
0.7845 Lucky I have yet to come across something that awesome.
0.7579 Yeah sitting there while the water hits you is amazing feeling.
0.7574 Happy weekend cutie!
0.7506 I'd love to join you.
0.7345 Haha thanks!
0.7184 We all have needs :) haha

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5423 It's down in the comments my bad
-0.4003 Let's get crazy together !
-0.3612 I doubt I wanna use it at all though .
-0.0572 Don't stop cutie
-0.0516 I feel like baths are t much work sometimes and then you run out of water and it's annoying .
0.0 Can I please?;)
0.0 Looks perfect!:)
0.0 Wanna go first?
0.0 Sent you a message
0.0 Can I pm you?
0.0 Can I please?:)
0.0 You and me both