/u/asiltopbr is kind of a dick.

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0.886 I'd rather be right than win elections, demographics will take care of the winning in the next 20 years. But you?
0.8271 Back to original discussion, socialism and fascism, while seeming unrelated, often go hand in hand.
0.8221 So I think we could strike a deal and make it very clear to the Russians and Syrians that this was something that we believe the best interests of the people on the ground in Syria.
0.8186 Social justice zealots are some of the most racist/sexist people you will ever encounter, mainly because they've convinced themselves they can't actually be racist or sexist.
0.802 Sure it was, Assange is a trustworthy guy, I'm sure he wouldn't lie. If it's already public, why not release it, so everyone can verify that claim?
0.7717 Yeah, anyone that puts effort into anything is just autistic. Honestly, people like you are why we'll never make it to venus.
0.69 And trust in God!
0.6369 Six of these credits must be earned in WPI core classes, and students must also take at least two one-credit special topic weekend courses.
0.6369 Certificates are awarded on the completion of 15 course credits.
0.6369 The best part of that thread is he literally seems to think he's educated on the subject, some real gems:
0.6224 why youre the good guys! You're a walking fallacy bot, aren't you? No, that's not the case.

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-0.9042 These people are racists, and racists tend to view their hated group as a monolith.
-0.8898 Emails about Clinton eating a hamburger need to be leaked, but not Trump's? Assange represents everything this sub hates, the taking things out of context, the blatant propaganda, it's insane.
-0.8895 This shit isn't harmless anymore, conspiratards have somehow became straight up mentally retarded. They're a threat to society.
-0.872 They don't have any Trumper terror attacks either, I think you're onto something here - time to ban Trumpers.
-0.8611 When did I say everything was racism? I literally just linked you a federal court ruling in which the GOP **literally said it was racial.** How on earth is that not direct evidence of racism dude?
-0.8126 Say what you want about Hillary, but there's no logical way to think she was anywhere near as bad as Trump on any level.
-0.7789 It's not like they actually said it was a conspiracy Listen, we both know this is you being intellectually dishonest.
-0.7717 Yeah, except the world's only remaining superpower destabilizing could lead to something far worse than slavery.
-0.7645 It's hilarious Keefe can make over 8 fake videos, be a proven liar in court and conservatives still eat him up. Really embarrassing as a nation.
-0.743 The principle of forbidding the spreading of terror in the land is based on the Quran .
-0.7269 Holy shit, the level of ignorance displayed in this comment.
-0.699 These people are not trolling, but nice try. I got banned from ranked play in league until I finish some normal games, I'm not playing normals, so here I am. This is my new hobby.