/u/argented is kind of a dick.

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0.9001 Pretty people in pretty clothes serving pretty meals costs more money than the value of the product served.
0.899 I know it doesn't carry the same bite as *Clinton will take everyone's guns so buy ammo now!!!!* but the approach is honest and without the fear mongering the public does not need.
0.875 Cherry pick something better. I understand perfectly why you are a one issue voter and its profits.
0.8655 If you honestly believe she has the ability to arrange that than you have much more respect for her abilities than any other person on planet earth.
0.851 **I stole someone's blog photo but credit is on the photo so that's not so bad is it?
0.802 wow, that's like a month and a half worth of cholesterol in under a minute.
0.7935 Hard to actually compare anything Trump has claimed he will do to what is happening in reality as he has backpedaled on just about everything he said he would do but you sure are confident.
0.7783 [Leningrad Fish] Can't understand a word but love the style
0.7783 Well you certainly are hopeful.
0.7543 Not the greatest deal but better than a lot you get on kijiji.
0.7479 So, since that silly little tidbit is in the new testament, one would sincerely hope there actually was a jesus of nazereth.

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-0.9331 A serial child rapist will remain Canadian but boogeymen fears around terrorists means they get a weirder conviction?
-0.91 Prophesies about doom and gloom framed in a dishonest argument.
-0.8952 Hell he was so widely despised at one point only one family still feared him....
-0.8862 The 2012 fear mongers, while no less wrong than the 'Obama's coming for our guns' fear mongers, had an expiry date.
-0.886 Jumpy criminals that kill a guy by 'mistake' than rat on each other isn't mob quality hitmen is it?
-0.8834 The worst part is you spelled the word wrong and used it wrong at the same time.
-0.8591 Despising your child for being who they are is about as big of a failure as a parent you can be and I doubt it's very common among atheists.
-0.8519 where's the dishonest, conniving, profiteering fear mongering?
-0.8519 The thing is, if you want to remain in society, you do as few illegal things as possible and modifying a gun so it goes full auto is illegal and should take you out of society for a few years.
-0.8481 Grow the fuck up. Now fuck off and leave me alone.
-0.8442 Threatening to kill his father or even breaking the old man's arm would have been enough.
-0.8405 It's obvious you don't care how clever the argument is as you avoided it entirely.