/u/apenia is kind of a dick.

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0.8888 They also feel that they are the best arbiters of what is funny and what is not so anything without cruelty is hack or pussified.
0.7269 She was lucky to have survived.
0.6369 I love how he mentions MLK being )) for the [movement]
0.6305 Cruel is funny to them and anything without cruelty will never be funny.
0.6249 Great website.
0.5574 I thought it was The Godfather that he was a huge fan of.
0.4973 Don't be racist.
0.4939 Diversity is a strength.
0.4404 She was good in The Wonder Years.
0.4404 He a good boy.
0.4404 Good thing you're here to defend the less evolved.

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-0.8519 What a stupid cunt. I hope she was raped by a pack of niggers.
-0.8402 Do you write for Buzzfeed or some shit? Faggot.
-0.8225 That is one ugly nigger.
-0.7511 And when humor is missing cruelty , its not funny to them.
-0.743 Will Hate Facts upset the jewboy Greenstein?
-0.7345 That racist prick! Thanks for the warning, OP.
-0.6901 They are some of the most fucked up people Ive ever seen.
-0.6597 Mike David is a kike faggot.
-0.6597 Those boring old fake FBI statistics.
-0.6597 I'd say that is regressive considering the state of most non white countries. Faggot.
-0.6486 Shut up, nigger.
-0.6369 Cumtown is for faggots.