/u/apenia is kind of a dick.

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0.9236 you're sooo lucky i wish i had a qt like him" LOL
0.7717 "People still feel like it's okay to say 'I only want to date white people.' I mean, you would never be able to say I only want to hire white people, right?" I found that interesting.
0.5994 Yes. That was the joke.
0.5473 You got battered by a girl LOL
0.5473 LOL https://www.gofundme.com/save-danielle-m-peskowitz-bregoli
0.5448 Doesn't this faggot post here as /u/bick_bickerson?
0.4939 I enjoy his work.
0.4404 Good point.
0.4404 He makes some good points.
0.431 So he wasn't *all* bad?
0.4215 A cuckservative would be a Republican like Jeb Bush that supports America becoming less white as long as he gets the hispanic vote. No one would call a shitskin a cuck.

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-0.9274 [Did you prefer when the cunts from Jezebel were posting here, OP?] Nigger faggot.
-0.8858 In the current year even?! Kill yourself faggot.
-0.8313 Cry more, faggot.
-0.8074 The Jews were only forced to desist from their nastiness and clean up the mess by the threat of the butt ends of rifles.
-0.8012 You aren't a victim of white racism yet you're still a limey fag complaining about "OMG white racismz"
-0.7964 The upsetting part was having to read those racist tweets again..like...ugh..REALLY?
-0.7964 Of course, I know the expression 'lost tribes of Israel' applied to the tribes which disappeared -- not to the tribe of Judah from which the current sons of bitches are descended.
-0.6705 [Ron Bennington talking about the time he killed a tiger]
-0.6597 What a kike faggot.
-0.6486 Expect to hear from the police, nigger.
-0.6486 That was Deep Impact. "We're gonna need a nigger president."
-0.6486 Some nigger.