/u/apenia is a total dick!

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0.8126 Diversity is your greatest strength.
0.7184 The guy from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure?
0.6249 Are you saying japs should be considered honorary aryans? Interesting concept.
0.6199 Are you saying certain ethnic groups don't tend to have a common interest? Why does people of European decent exhibiting their own ethnic interests bother you? They are 6% of the global population.
0.6114 All British people are decended from immigrants. Besides...the kebabs, think about all the wonderful food!
0.5411 I know there is! We need someone like you that is willing to expose the truth.
0.4939 [It's pretty obvious]
0.4939 From all the laughing.
0.4588 You're welcome in the future white ethno state.
0.4442 I'm sorry. I usually don't say racist things unless I'm drinking.
0.4404 You said that clip was funny.

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-0.9536 /u/ihaveaholeinmyass is a British faggot Why do you dislike this Tunisian tranny fucker and this kike faggot when they are fighting for you? Do you have no concept of loyalty to your ancestors?
-0.9393 Keep attacking the racists across the pond while you faggots die in the streets. Fucking cowards. edit: probably before then /u/dennyislife...see, we have guns and will balkanize.
-0.9084 Your post history is fucking pathetic, OP. It's almost as bad as donating to the Chip Chipperson cartoon after seeing the original preview and still complaining a year later. Kill yourself.
-0.8957 You tea sipping faggots gave your birthright away. And you have the balls to complain about American racism.
-0.891 Everything on this stupid ass site is fake.
-0.836 That faggot can go fuck himself. You should do a video on how the kikes use third world "refugees" and niggers to subvert traditionally white societies.
-0.8271 Stupid nigger.
-0.8126 Nigger pussy smells terrible. Just ask /u/stinksskc.
-0.8074 Dumb whores.
-0.7351 Leftist faggots insist on ruining the future of the only decent countries on earth anyway.
-0.7351 No need to be racist.
-0.6908 Cosby is a rape ape, though.